LV Related: Carol @ MyPoupette

  1. I guess she's leaving. If anyone has ever used her authentication services, then maybe you'd be interested in reading this email:

    My new email address effective immediately is, with an alternative email being I can no longer be reached at

    I have started a new website called This site is in its infancy. I will be polishing as I learn more about building websites. For right now, it serves my needs by giving me my own small corner of the internet.

    My ultimate goal is a simple to navigate website where people can go to get personalized attention with their Louis Vuitton questions, receive timely help with email authentications, and if needed, formal letters stating non-authenticity to be submitted with fraud claims to PayPal, eBay, U.S.P.S. (mail fraud claims), credit card companies, and insurance companies.

    I have so enjoyed our emails, and hope to hear from you in the future!

    Best regards,
  2. Oooh I wonder what happened to cause the split ?!
  3. good question??!!
  4. hmmmmmmmm
  5. i got the email today too
    very curious.
  6. oo... while we're on the topic.. if anyone can update me on what exactly happened with LVLU too, that'd be greatly appreciated...:oh:
  7. Oh really ? Something happened with LVLU as well ? Wow, I'm just so behind on this !
  8. What happend?????
  9. curious what happened ??
  10. hhmmmm, wonder if this is why it took sooooo long for mypoupette to respond to my authentication request....way over the 72 hour turnaround
  11. i think mypoupette is a waste of time/money/energy. If you are so concerned with an item being authentic, why not simply order it from elux or a verified lv reseller? I am so bitter with the whole ebay thing, and I would think that if I was going to trust in someone to send my bag for 'authentication' they would at least be somewhat affiliated with LV or at the very least have a decent looking and updated website.


  12. Yes I agree. Also why pay to get an item authenticated when you can come to a board like this and get FREE opinions arrrgghh :mad:
  13. I got the same email today...who knows?:amazed:
  14. Yea me too. Maybe she wanted to branch out and go on her own b/c she wasn't getting what she wanted? :blink: :blink:
  15. Jimmy, what do u mean what happened with LVLU? The board is okay, last time I checked an hour ago.