LV purchases from Ebay club..

  1. I have to admit, you still can find honest sellers on Ebay like the one that sold me a gorgeous Mabillon in discontinued color FAWN, she even kept ID cards and receipts. I am sure you many of you have pictures to share from LV Ebay purchases.
    So I am proud to present my only LV Ebay purchase
  2. When i get home i'll post some pic's.
    Petite Bucket,

    My baggy pm is off ebay too.


    Mc coin wallet, and MC pochette and mono speedy

    Mono pochette passport wallet
    but has since been sold
  3. I just got a peach graffiti & a panda cles....will post pics when they become mine (I'm supposed to be on a ban until 9/1 so I got my BIL to buy them until 9/1 LOL)
  4. My one and only ebay purchase..
  5. im sorry, but isn't this too broad to be a separate club? i think this is much more suited as a sticky in the main LV forum. we can show our great eBay finds and mention the seller as well (if that's allowed). just a thought :smile:
  6. I love having this as a club--there seems to be a group that enjoys getting the ebay deals, and another that is willing to pay more for the fun and certainty of the boutique experience.
    I'll post pics later--my ebay purchases are a black epi noe, mono speedy 25, mono speedy 30. And from Ann's Fabulous finds (a website, but not ebay), I purchased a vavin gm and a black epi speedy 25.
    All were great deals! And for my mono pieces, I prefer to buy them a little more worn in. The new vachetta is just too much stress!!
  7. I have two LVs from Ebay.
    White MC Theda which was a steal (more than $1K below retail for a bag in PRISTINE condition and beautiful patina!)

    and a Vernis Lexington which was a ripoff (I paid about $70 over the going EBAY rate), but my own fault since I did little research to see what the older vernis pieces were going for-the Lexington is the first version with the wrist strap that attaches to the zipper.

  8. Aww!! your bag is adorable.
  9. Good point about used mono bags and the vachetta, I will keep this in mind when purchasing my first mono bag, I probably need to search for used ones on Ebay.
  10. Those Vernis are beautiful.
  11. Your Theda is gorgeous, beautiful purchase:yes:
  12. I only have 4 pieces from ebay...but these 2 are my favorite by far!


    Bought them separately...the pochette ended up being cheaper than the PMP! $340 vs $360, if I remember correctly.
  13. Thanks :love:
  14. Ooh, Elle, I'm jealous--I love the red/creme pochette! :nuts:

    Here are a few of mine (except for the cozy purse, which I bought at the boutique).
  15. My Toledo Blue Epi Petit Noe!