LV prices lower in Hawaii, yay!!!

  1. I'm in the beautiful island of Oahu and I visited the LV and Chanel yesterday in Waikiki and guess what ladies and gents,it's true, the prices are lower in Hawaii:yahoo: :yahoo: anywhere from 2% to 5% depending on the bags. The damier speedy 25 is $575(595 elux), d speedy 30 is $595(620 elux), agenda $175(180 elux), epi speedy $855 ($885 elux) these are just some of the prices that I can recall. The SA's here are really nice and informed me that if you call and order in Hawaii for bags, you will save a little bit on the bags plus shipping is free. Gotta go, I'm on my way back there today, so many bags to see, so little time. Talk to guys later...:yahoo: :wlae:
  2. Nice. Is there sales tax there?
  3. I haven't been to Hawaii for a couple of years now. Here is what I fould on the website for the state of Hawaii

    $ Sales tax•Hawaii does not have a sales tax. Instead, the state collects a 4 percent general excise tax, which is assessed on all business activities, including retail sales, commissions, rental income and services.

    I guess businesses pass this tax to customers.
  4. Yeah..I used to live's heavan for designer brand fans..

    It's cheaper and I think all SA are very friendly
  5. maybe i am dumb...but does this mean there is or isn't sales tax?
  6. Another reason for me to go back there on vacation!!! I can't wait.
  7. I think it means that there IS NO SALES TAX, however, there's ANOTHER tax (not called "sales tax") which is 4%.
  8. thanks!! it makes sense now!
  9. i live on maui and you can pretty much consider the 4% a sales tax. its added on to everything that needs to be purchased.

    i was surprised that the retail here is cheaper than elux. and yes the SAs are EXTREMELY helpful and friendly. my thinking is that they can't snub anyone for how their dressed since its so hot and everyone wears shorts and flip flops hehe.
  10. There is still sales tax. Everything is still charged a sales tax of 4.166%. It's still a bargain no matter how you look at it.
  11. Hawaii can call it whatever it wants, which is general excise tax, but as a consumer, you're still paying taxes on everything you buy which is 4.166%.
  12. The SA's are nice here definitely, although a couple of SA's at Chanel tried to act snotty:rant:, what a joke. Talking to the SA's at LV, nobody can really tell me why the prices are cheaper in Hawaii in the continental US, and some appeared to be even suprised when I mentioned it to them. Even Chanel had lower prices.
  13. 4.1% is better than 8.25% in CA.:crybaby:
  14. ugh, chanel SAs. i had a bad experience at the chanel in amsterdam. a really snooty SA told me not to touch the bags! :rant:

    i've been buying LV at home (was in boston for college) for about 3 years and wasn't aware of the price difference until this summer lol. the only thing i remember being odd about hawaii LV is that they consider the inventory part of "international" stock and not US. my guess is that there is a larger alottment of items going to hawaii and that it is counted separate from the continental us. what's nice about hawaii is that you can get the more harder to find items much more easily. i think this is so because LV in hawaii does not have a lot of regular resident customers. the bulk of their sales come from japanese tourists (and believe me, the price difference is rediculous between japan and hawaii). i would definitely suggest calling the wailea LV (on maui) if you need to find anything. all the times i've been there, its been very empty, unlike the boutiques on oahu.
  15. I SO AGREE :rant::rant: