LV Popincourt Haut: in another leather/canvas?

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  1. I love the shape and size of the popincourt haut but am thinking of getting a special order in damier. Do you think it will look nice or is it just too squarish?? How about epi? I do wonder how it will actually look like in epi since it is more of a casual bag and epi looks more formal.

    The only reason why I don't want the current mono is the fact that I would feel too self conscious carrying it. But it seems that the mono suits this design really well.

    Please let me know what you think!

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  2. the damier sounds great!
  3. It only comes in the mono canvas b/c it is a relatively new design
  4. I think the mono looks cute on it, dang it I should have gotten this one !
  5. Vuitton does special orders. Although the bag is not made in Damier, one can special order it in Damier.

    The Damier would be nice!!
  6. I think that your feelings that it would look very square with the square shape and the square pattern. It is a beautiful bag though, I'm kinda wanting one myself, I would love it in the new fuschia color!
  7. I looove my popincourt haut, I think the damier would make it look much more professional though, I like dressing mine down and going shopping or out with it. It's the perfect size, since it's big enough to slip in extras. It also looks quite nice since it holds its shape even when empty.
  8. That is a nice bag! I was looking at the smaller model in the would look amazing in epi!
  9. Soooo in :love: w/ Damier. You should go for it! It would be breathtaking!
  10. I'm so tempted to get it in damier, but I would really be gutted if I SO and they start producing damier shortly after. The thing is, I would never know if they will ever do it in damier, so it's like a waiting game. Someone said I should wait for the new lines to come out, when will that be?

    and the cost is another issue. I'm just thinking if it is worth paying more since it's just canvas.
  11. ah, update, I just called LV and they said that the new collection will not have the popincourt in damier.
  12. Yes, but you can make a special order for it I'm sure!!
  13. muppy, did LV say what was going to be in the new collection? Any tidbits? :nuts:
  14. unfortunately not, she just says it's a totally different new collection, so i guess it's not the same designs with different leathers!

    urgh, i dread this special order thingy, i wish they have some computer program so that I can actually see how it looks like in damier. I'm so scared of spending so much $ and it turns out awful!
  15. I have seen the new collection. It is quite different. There is some multicolor pieces with tassles hanging from them...i'm sure you've seen them in fashion show pics.

    The other thing is a suede monogram...if i can remember correctly.

    Lastly there is the perforated leather, like the MJ collection and it has the name LOUIS VUITTON in red, pink, green or orange under the perforated monogram material....if that makes sense? THis is the one I liked the most, the pochette has a small pocket in the front it is! Its quite cute, but very labelish.

    I'm sure your SA's have the Look this is where I've seen them.