LV Pochette: how u like urs? and what color u have it in?

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  1. i'm about to make a purchase on a lv blue epi...just wondering how u like urs and do u use it often? do u think the blue will be easy to match? any pix would be greatly appreciated ;)thanks
  2. I don't have an epi one, but I have a mono, and a cherry blossom pochette, and I love it! It fits a lot of things. I saw the blue one and it is sooo pretty! Megs posted a few weeks ago the blue one and it looked stunning!
  3. I have the Panda and Pink Lexington pochette, didn't use them as much as i'd plan to, but both escaped my eBay sell b/c they such an eye candy! Think there is a pochette club you can check out in our subforum, blue shouldn't be too hard to match, and it's such a stunning color.
  4. I love mine. The perfect evening clutch! I have monogram pochette and black multicolore pochette.
  5. I have red epi pochette I have only used it once but the night I did it rained so hard. I am so happy I had it with me becuase by the time I got home I looked like a drowned rat

    But other pochette I have are silver & gold miroir used gold 3 times but haven't used silver but didn't get it that long ago
    and mono rivets got this last week and have used it 3 times already love it
  6. I have about 8 of them (all LE ones) and I hardly use them...when I do it is more for nights out...whereas for my daytime bags I go with the bigger ones.
  7. I have one--mono. I have used it so much since I bought it last month. It holds a lot for an evening bag. I think the blue would be easy to match. It's beautiful irl.
  8. I have a Damier Azur that I just adore! I do have a mini pochette in Damier that is pretty fantastic too.
    Blue epi should be a nice color!
  9. i don't have one, but if I did, it would be either Azur or Damier!
  10. I like the Pochette Accessories bags and find them to be very useful either used alone or in a larger bag.
  11. I especially love the Lexington... Vernis is the best. I so need one in bronze...
  12. OT, GoldenLepardLady, your whole collection is :drool:! I have the Mono, the Azur, and the Mini Damier......................I really want both the MC's, a Ceries, and a Framboise Lexington!! The epi pochette is SO cute in the Mandarin, but i have heard that it doesnt hold much
  13. I have an azur pochette accessoire!
  14. I had the blue epi pochette when it was first release. No problems wearing this color. It's beautiful with pastels and neutrals like black, brown, grey, or navy.
  15. I have the Panda Pochette, the fuchsia Charms Pochette and a yellow Epi Pochette and they are absolute lovely bags :love: Great for nights out or anything else when you just need the essentials ... I find the Epi Pochette to be smaller (meaning holds less) than my other ones