LV newbie needs help!

  1. Hello everyone! I'm thinking of getting a speedy but can't decide on what kind. I looking at a Mini Lin but can't decide what color. I first saw a LV Mini Lin in Ebene (the brown/black one) at a mall and instantly fell inlove but then I saw the Dune...

    ...and now I can't decide!:p Can anyone help me? TIA!:heart:
  2. i have the Mini Lin Ebene and i love it. it's very easy to take care of. i'd be terrified of getting the Dune dirty
  3. I vote for ebene!! love this one!
  4. I vote Ebony -- gorgeous and looks fairly low maintenence. The Dune looks reallly difficult to keep clean although it is beautiful too.
  5. i like the ebony.....for some reason the dune looks to washed out for me
  6. Is this your first LV purchase?

    Go for the ebene! It's easier to maintain compared to the dune. Just think about it...if you choose the dune as your first LV might just get terrified to use it (bec. it might get dirty) and end up not enjoying the bag as much.

    Plus the ebene is a BEAUTY ! Such a classy bag.
  7. Louisvee is right:okay: if its your first lv you better get the ebene. I also like the dune and if i can afford to buy as many LVs as i want (dreaming, dreaming, dreaming hehehe :lol:) i will get both ebene and dune at the same time...and maybe the multi speedy as well...and the neo cabby too!
  8. Get the ebene. It's easier to clean and it goes with every season.
  9. I got the Ebene first. I think it is a better "every day" bag. I loved it so much I bought a dune one.

  10. Another vote for the Ebene!
  11. I suggest you pick the dark colour, since its Mini Lin you choose.
    I think this line will get dirty easily......
  12. Ebene!
  13. Thanks for your help everyone!:tup:

    I think the Ebene is the majority then! I was thinking that it was pretty easy to use the Ebene from day to night. But I think the main reason why I shouldn't get the Dune is its maintenance right? It shouldn't be a problem because I'm a big neat freak when it comes to my bags. I never put them on the floor. I place them in front of me when I'm a crowd or going through doors or small passages just to make sure it doesn't against anything. And first thing I do when I get home is to put them in their dust bag.:shame:

    But I guess it's the Ebene for me! :yahoo:
  14. Ebene! The light color would make me so nervous of getting something on it!
  15. definitely ebene!