LV is replacing my stinky Mandarin Speedy!

  1. Well kudos to LV. I called them a couple weeks ago to complain that my Mandarin Speedy smells like cat pee (serious!). I spoke with a lovely woman and we've been talking back and forth for the ever since. She did confirm that there was a problem with the dye which had a reaction with the canvas/leather making it smell like ... cat pee (yet they still sold them!!). Anyway, to make a long story short, she talked to the manager at my local LV and had another mandarin speedy sent in which arrived today. And.... the manager told her - don't bother - it smells even worse!

    So, now what. They are letting me exchange it for whatever I like (same price of course). What other Epi bags are truly fab for approx. the same price and what color?? Black?Red?Myrtille? Help!!!
  2. I love the Myrtille - it is so gorgeous with the silver hardware!
  3. I say get the Red :smile:
  4. I'm nuts for the red epi alma ($990) and the black epi passy ($1140). I think both are more than the speedy, but oh so lovely. ;)
    Would they let you exchange for something more expensive and pay the difference?
  5. I'm sure they would - I do like the Passy but not sure if I want to spend that much more
  6. Red....but you really can't go wrong with any of those colors, they're all beautiful! Too bad about the pee?!:yucky:
  7. I think the black epi is seriously gorgeous and goes with so much, but if you're looking for fun Myrtile is a lovely color!

    Congrats on getting something to your satisfaction!
  8. i can't believe they would still sell it knowing it smells like "cat pee"
  9. I know - the LV rep and I were talking about that - with the company's repuation and their prices, to knowingly manufacture and sell something that smells - its really obscene! She said that not all of them smelled but there were a lot and that is the reason they are discontinuing the mandarin
  10. i would go for red epi! in a speedy... or could you get them source another Mandarin speedy from a different store???
  11. oh okies... yeah go with the red :amuse: epi speedy

    good luck and i hope you get your bag sorted out! :amuse:
  12. Red speedy...
  13. Myrtille w/ silver hardware is gorgeous!

    Get a Jasmin.

    It's lovely in Myrtille and Mandarin.
  14. I love the red epi Speedy. I also like the Jasmin in all the colors.
  15. Myrtille speedy.