LV fans -- have you noticed that....

  1. Ebay seller 'Let-Trade ' is now no longer registered user on ebay ??

    I just clicked on them and saw --- I wonder what happened and if they will get their account back again.

    Have any of the other boards heard what happened??:wacko:
  2. This might sound like a dumb question (apologies) but who is/was 'Let-Trade'. Was this an authentic LV dealer?
  3. :blink: Oh my gosh! Yes, Let-Trade was a HUGE Vuitton dealer on eBay. I always found their goods to be authentic too... They even started getting unusual items, like the Vuitton Le Fabuleaux in Mink from the Les Extraodinaires collection. :worried: So sad...
  4. yeah i noticed that yesterday going through my favorites list...I wonder what's up with that...
  5. Oh no, I didn't know this !! I hope everything's okay, Let-Trade was like one of THE most profilic LV sellers on eBay.
  6. Also wasnt let-trade aka amustbuy ... I read that amustbuy lost their ebay account as they did not pay their ebay fees
  7. I didn't know that !

    I do know that Let-Trade has a boss, and that he probably was selling on behalf of a consignment store, they're really popular in Hong Kong.
  8. Also, if someone reports them for anything, eBay has a kick off now check evidence later policy. They'll NARU people and check sources later. That Seller could be back soon.
  9. He's back !!! Yippie !
  10. Cool! I see this a lot as I'm on a REALLY big eBay group of designers for children's boutique clothing. One false report by a troll can shut someone down temporarily.
  11. Let-Trade has a red lex for cheap! i'm so tempted! But i'm not really a fan of red...i think i'm just tempted b/c its so cheap!