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  1. Go back a few pages, this bag has been discussed before. :smile: Yes, new for FW.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I actually found it on FoxyLV's Instagram account! Thanks!
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  3. Pardon me for asking but did your friend have this in person or sent a picture of it? I want this so bad and have been harassing my CA about when I can put my deposit down because I don't trust him (he's too forgetful). He says it probably will not be until August or September until I'm able to do so because this set doesn't come out until October. If anyone has heard anything different, please let me know. Thanks!
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  4. It is available now. The colour is Denim.
  5. Such beautiful new colours. AND finally a GREEN to knock our socks off. Gosh I hope they will make it for the pm size.

    IMG_8524.jpg IMG_8525.jpg IMG_8529.jpg IMG_8526.jpg IMG_8527.jpg IMG_8528.jpg IMG_8531.jpg
  6. Any other colors of Epi leather coming out???
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  7. Hi! I asked her for a screen shot, so I am not sure when it will be out.
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  8. I agree. I find Fashionpile prices high for pre loved items that are in stock in the designers’ websites. Sometimes it’s a difference of one or two hundred - and at that price, might as well buy new.
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  9. I plan to order this because it is cute and something I do not have. A matching micro would be perfect.

    Are there any reviews of this bag?
  10. Ok, thanks so much. My CA said October but there seems to be a discrepancy in what he says and what's posted on FoxLV Instagram account in terms of projected cost. There's no consistency with information from LV at times and it's really hard to know what information is actually right. Guess time will tell but thanks for sharing the pic with us.
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  11. Based on what we're seeing here, maybe the multi pochette accessories will be permanent. IMG_20190710_074151_767.jpg

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  12. Oops, sorry for the double post of the pic above. Here is another picture of the multi pochette accessories in the 2020 denim line. Screenshot_20190710-190155_Instagram.jpg
  13. I'm dying over Vivienne's micro-mini-tiny-toy multi pouch. So cute!
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