LV Black Mizi Vienna (photos)

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  1. Hello,

    I'm celebrating like Wicked did, by making my 1000th :nuts: post a special one.

    I just got my LV Mizi Vienna in black yesterday from let-trade. It's GORGEOUS! I was contemplating selling it before it even got here, because it was lots of money:shame: . More than I've spent on any bag. Plus, I got to thinking that this cost almost as much as my down feather sectional. Oh well - I love her, and I think she's here to stay!:smile:

    Now if I can only sell some of the bags I no longer use....:huh:

    Here's a few photos:





  2. i love that bag, lucky you!! thanks for sharing!
  3. I'm looking to buy one of these bags, where did you get it from? If you ever want to sell it please pm me:smile: I love it!!!
  4. Love It!!!
  5. Congrats on your 1000th post! That bag is just spectacular and lovely.
  6. I got it from let-trade on ebay. Yes, if I ever decide to sell (which I'm not sure if that will be anytime soon), I will let you know!;)
  7. Gorgeous bag.. and that is some serious bling on your finger ! ;)
  8. Congrats!!! You're soooooo very lucky to have gotten the black/black combo! If you need help thinning out your collection--you know who to ask! :P

    PS You didn't have to mention that you were celebrating the same way as me!
  9. OHhh lala, it looks beautiful on your arm.. def. a keeper.. great purchase.
  10. :love:
  11. Ha ha! Thank you! Hubby gets credit for the bling:P
  12. Hi Wicked! Of course I would mention you! I stole your idea!!!:amazed:

    Yes, I feel lucky to have found the black on black and not pay over the retail. This bag is limited and the last time I saw this on e-bay it was going hundreds over retail...

    I'm happy!!! And yes, I'll ask for your help if I need to get rid of some!;)
  13. Thanks kylieReese! You've had some fab purchases yourself!;)
  14. It looks fabulous on your arm! Gorgeous bag :love: Your ring is beautiful, too :nuts:
  15. GORGEOUS!!! Definately keep it.