LV ballerina flats - ripping, anyone else?

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  1. Has anyone else had this happen to their shoes?
    Do you know how to fix? :crybaby:

  2. it doesn't look so muh like a rip but more like the material hasn't been secured at that points and it's slipped out of the stiching take them to the store and the should be able to repair them for you
  3. These are the shoes I've been looking for forever, I see them on ebay all the time but they're never my size.
    Anyway, that looks like a fairly simple fix, I'd definitely take them in.
  4. Hope you are able to get them to fix it for you pronto. :yes:
  5. Thanks all - I don't live by LV but maybe I'll go there sometime this month ;)
  6. I would take them back to LV to see if they can fix them, if not I would find a really good shoe repair and see if they can stitch them back up along the seam.

    Good luck and keep us posted with the end result...
  7. Yikes :wtf: Sorry to hear that :crybaby:
  8. Be sure to check with LV before you take them to any shoe repair place. Otherwise, if you have ANYONE other than LV work on them, LV will never again touch them for a repair.
  9. i actually have gucci ballerina flats in the same material and they're ripping apart the very same way! i snipped off the loose ends and the flats look decent now~ i was thinking about using crazy glue to stop any further unraveling but im too scared to try :sweatdrop:
  10. yeah give it a try, send it back to the boutique and see if they can do anything :smile: let us know how it goes!
  11. mine are doing that too!!!!! i thought it was just me!