LV and a lifestyle change...

  1. hahaha me too but my goal is when i get a new job i will reward myself with the new LV. Finally i got a new job 2 moths ago but there is no LV that I LOVE and I have more condition that now i hv to take public transportation which make it even harder to pick one that will make me feel secure and dont hv to baby the purse that much. However, my DH knew that i hv been really hold up to buy one even i can afford it due to my old job pay just a little and when i carried my back to work my co-worker always ask is that real! so i just stop carried it around work just weekend. So i always told my DH that i will get new one when i get a new pay & better job and I DID. Back to I still cant find the LV that i wanna buy but my DH know that i have been wanted the Eva forever so he got it for me!!! for got a new job and anniversary. sorry for the long story but yeah i will get one soon since i got a new job now :smile:))))
  2. Now losing weight/ being healthier is the best gift to oneself. Getting a new LV is a bonus. I'm so excited for you. Good luck on reaching your goal. See you on your reveal.

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  3. Great idea.

    Good luck. :smile:
  4. I agree. I don't eat what I don't like. It's wasted calories!! I lost 40 lbs last year and have maintained by eating "clean" during the week and then cheating on the weekends. When I don't work out, I go for walks. It helps me release stress which keeps me from binging/overeating.

    Good luck with your weight loss. YOU CAN DO IT!! We'll all be here waiting for your reveal ;)
  5. good luck!! haha I am banned from buying anything luxury now :S
  6. Go for it, great idea!
  7. Agree! Good luck on your weightloss!;) I know you can do it.. I've been telling myself since last year that I wanted to lose weight then I finally motivated myself going back to the gym last month.. It's fun and I already lost 10lbs!:biggrin: So I know you can do it too..;)
  8. Omg I'm doing this too!! Good luck!! :smile:
  9. That's a great plan. Good luck and keep your eye on the prize :smile:
  10. Good luck keep us posted
  11. You are already looking at it the right change instead of just losing weight. That mindset should help you keep it of rather than just starting a diet. Good luck and can't wait to your new bag!!
  12. Wishing you success in your weight loss..:smile:
  13. Thanks everyone for all ur support u TPFers are the best!!

    While on the treadmill/eliptical i have an imaginary fishing rod with a louie dangiling in front of me!!!:p:lol:
  14. That is great advice. I cannot follow a strict diet. I cheat a bit every day, I maintain by exercising 4x/week. I lose about 1 pound a month (if I lose) but have not gained for the last 4 years.
  15. Nice!

    I gave up "working out" (I used to be INSANE) and now simply do yoga twice a week. I can still do a pull-up if needed, and my heart is also going strong, so I guess it's working out.

    I have to laugh because my colleagues ask me on a daily basis how I'm not morbidly obese with the amount of cookies I pack in. I must say I honestly think it's the yoga ;) I've turned into a huge yoga recruiter because of it. Ashtanga/vinyasa work wonders, I swear it.