Loving COACH and getting "caught up" w/bidding on EBAY

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  1. Here's a lesson I was reminded of today, don't ever get so caught up in a bidding frenzy that you don't use good common sense. I was bidding on a COACH Soho Wristlet in Bordeaux and instead of constantly trying to outbid did a search and found one cheaper with a BUY IT NOW. Having bid on eBay for over 5 years I've learned NOT to let my emotion get the best of me and check myself to say, "you're on here to get a good deal not win a bidding war". I'm so happy because I paid less than the winning bidder on that other auction and my wristlet is on it's way from Southern Cali (where I live) so hopefully I'll have it really soon, isn't she beautiful.

  2. That is gorgeous!! True not to get into a bidding war. I'm a sniper myself.
  3. I'm a sniper also. I don't understand why people bid on things so early (like the first day) because really the ending bids are what matters IMO.

    That's a pretty wristlet!
  4. Thanks, I fell in love with the design and colors. I'm really pushing myself to buy more vibrant "color" and trying to stay away from what I call the "safe" (black, brown, khaki) colors.
  5. ^^ditto:sneaky:
    i have banned myself from eBay.....for now!
  6. i don't get that either, they are just driving the price up. it makes no sense to me. and it drives me nuts!
  7. Tell me about it, I was watching 2 denim satchels last week, people were bidding both up several days before, both ended up close to $300 w/shipping, I kept being patient and searching and found one for $202 BUY IT NOW, just got it today. I'm more about getting a good deal not "winning" the auction, "winning" for me is getting something for significantly less than the boutique price.
  8. ^^yes! any pics??:graucho:
  9. I plan to take some tonight! :tup:
  10. I don't even bother with bidding anymore. I figure if I can't get it with BIN, I'll get it another time or it wasn't meant for me. I'd be sick if I bid for more than what it was worth. :S
  11. Very nice!! I like the color! I totally agree with you... I am also a sniper.. but it's the only way to win sometimes.. I will never bid on an auction early.. I wish people would realize that it doesn't matter and that they should wait it out!! GRR it makes me so frustrated!!

    as a seller I don't mind though, LOL!
  12. LOL, I sell on eBay too and I hear you with that, but bidding it up days before is really silly, wait until the end, everyone put up their dukes and let the best woman WIN, lol. :tup:
  13. OOo thats very cute!
  14. I love it. I bought it in black a month ago from the outlets.
  15. I have that wristlet and it's prettier in person!! It also holds quite a bit too, because the bottom kind of flares out. I hope you love it!