Lovely ladies of Hermes, I need some enabling and advice, please :)

  1. Hello ladies...I need some serious enabling and I know you are just the bunch to do it ;) My anniversary is coming up and Christmas as well, so I am looking for something to love!

    Absolutely nothing in my beloved LV is calling out to me. I have searched through Chanel and Gucci with the same lack luster results. So it may be time to stick my toe back in the Hermes pool.

    Since I don't post here much, I know many of you don't know me or my collection that well. I have 2 birkins, 35, BJ and Gold (sorry I have no idea on leather) and 1 black kelly, 32. I must admit :shame: I barely use my birkins, I find them too heavy and don't like the hand held aspect. My kelly gets a bit more use, but find it a bit too 'classic' and honestly a bit small for day to day use.

    So, what do I like?? Shoulder bags, I carry quite a bit of junk, including my laptop at times (when possible), so larger is better. I am thinking maybe something in an offbeat color? I don't know. :shrugs:

    What can you tempt me with? Point me the right direction....please!
  2. How about a Lindy? A gorgeous and practical bag that you can carry on your shoulder (though I don't think you will be hauling a laptop in it). And, there are so many great colors choose from right now...maybe something ORANGE will win you over.
  3. maybe a massai? or a bolide? neither can hold a laptop but they both come in fun colors and are great shoulder bags (though the bolide can also be handheld). personally for a shoulder bag i LOVE the constance but i think it will be too small for your needs. lemme think so more...
  4. I should tell you all, my laptop incredibly small, about 10 x 12, and less than 3 pounds :smile:
  5. The Lindy or an Evelyne sounds fab to you!
  6. Piko-Pico-Picotin?
  7. Love the Lindy!! Mou Bolide? Or maybe a Plume or Whitebus? In the reference section, check out the "Pics Only" threads for more ideas....:graucho:
  8. I think a Lindy would be right up your alley! BUt also try on a Massai- that bag is so gorgeous IRL!
  9. After giving it some more thought..

    Tink, you're so creative in so many things. How about making a special order made to measure and need bag? If Hermes wont do it, get april in Paris or Serge Amoruso to do it. It would suit your needs perfectly and give you something that you had a say in that holds a special part of your creativity. ^_^
  10. LINDY! It'd be perfect for you. Or a bolide. In orange, or Vert Something.... fabulous!
  11. A Bolide?
  12. Since you dislike the handheld aspect of your biorkins, what about a Trim or Victoria Fourre Tout?
  13. The Lindy is just a horizontal trim...........everything falls to the lowest point and not in an organized fashion. Personally I dont think the Lindy is the ticket. The Victoria tall tote or a 37 cm Bolide is what I am thinking. Lightweight yet structured and practical bags
  14. Bolide! A 37 might fit your laptop? It looks great in color :yes:
  15. twinkle.tink, a Bolide! (2nd choice, a Lindy). :smile: