Love Slave Miscellaneous!

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  1. Hey ladies! Open discussions and no certain topics. Post away! :smile:
  2. Hey Babe .. I found something for you. And it's only for you.. so I'm not gonna post it in the RP thread

    Don't faint on me now :smile:

  3. ^ :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint: HOW COULD I NOT???? :drool:

    Thanks Mediana! I know what (or where) I'll be dreaming about tonight. Talk about sweet dreams! :graucho:
  4. ^ Sweet dreams :smile: tPF went down yesterday, so couldn't check in.
    I just woke up now and are heading for a fun filled day of errands and IKEA. Hmm..
  5. I love the title of this thread! :lol:
  6. .........I'm still trying to get up off of the floor......

    Thanks Claire!

    I'm so happy! Math midterm over and done with!!!!!!!!! :party:
  7. ^ Yay congrats! :tup:

    Now you have more time to daydream about Edward aka Rob aka Love Slave! :graucho:

    I just looked at those Little Ashes pics you were talking about in the other thread btw. Wow :blink:
  8. ^ This was me when I saw those pictures: :wtf::crybaby::Push::yucky::shocked::weird::faint::roflmfao: and then I was LMAO "Hehe....pencil mustache!"

    Who knew that Love Slave could actually look ugly!

    Thanks! I know! I'm so happy it's over. Now, I can spend more time with my love, tPF....*cough cough* I mean Robert.
  9. I don't know to much when it comes to US school system, but why is it called Midterm? Didn't the term just start?
  10. ^ No. I'm taking full year courses and since the semester ended, I'm having midterms. Middle of the year tests, kind of like finals, but I'm going to continue on with the class.
  11. I GOT a B ON MY MATH MIDTERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOO EXCITED!!!!
  12. We need a theme song for Love Slave!
  13. Congrats, L-U-V! :yahoo:

    So speaking of love slaves... you know what's kind of fun? Go on Morph Thing, and they let you chose 4 images at a time to morph. So you pick the 4 hottest guys you can think of and morph them all together... Voila, your dream guy! :graucho:

    And yes, I have actually done this :shame:
  14. ^ Thank you! Thank you!

    Oh geez....sounds like something my friend would do! LOL. I bet that is one hot babe though!
  15. Here's one of my creations. He's 25% Rob :lol:
    He kind of looks like Pacey from Dawson's Creek, I guess. Meh. The funny thing is that I've dated 2 guys who looked a lot like this :sweatdrop: