love new more than preloved?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I am finding that I use my new bags more than my preloved and am more careful with them. I feel like the new ones are mine, and the preloved (unless they were new) in my mind really belong to someone else. I am much more careful with the new ones, and tend to not care as much with the preloved bags.....
    does anyone else feel this way?
  2. I don't really own anything pre-loved so this doesn't really apply to me. If I did, I'm sure I'd love them just as much as the ones I purchased brand new. That's just me, though.
  3. when i started collecting, i had 2 preloved bags and felt the same way! i actually sold both of them within a month of getting my own one at the store. :smile:
  4. it just depends on the bag. while i have more new than preowned i love & use all of them just the same...
  5. love all of mine equally
  6. I think this is true of the monogram bags. It seems like a bag that I buy new is *my* bag, whereas a pre-loved bag is a little different. However, I do have one pre-loved bag and I don't feel any different about it. But that one is not a monogram bag, and it was in pristine condition (no signs of wear at all), so it seemed new when I got it. So I guess I am contradicting myself, but I don't usually have any desire to buy a pre-loved bag if that bag is still available new.
  7. I've always purchased everything new. I love the feeling of owning a new bag, like you said it belongs to you and just you.
  8. I have pre-loved bags and new ones. My two favorites are actually pre-loved but they were barely used and with no patina! I have come to realize that I like to watch the vachetta turn honey from the beginning!
  9. I love all my equally too.
  10. I love watching the vachetta get its tan too... So only new bags for me. After purchasing too many preloved bags, I've come to realize that they just don't cut it for me. I love the smell of new leather, the notion that no one but me has owned and used it, the fact that the vachetta is all mine to ruin... :love:
  11. I don't think i'll ever buy a pre-loved bag unless I get a really really REALLY good deal on a mint condition LE...or i really want a bag that lv has discontinued...

    It's just that from experience (with my other designer bags that my dad bought), i tend to love the bags i bought on my own from the boutique...they're just more special to me somehow :love:
  12. I don't think I'd ever buy a pre-loved because I just know I wouldn't feel the same about it as if I'd bought new - but that's just me :smile:
  13. I don't have preloved but would consider it for the future. I can definitely understand how you feel though and it makes sense. :smile:
  14. I bought two preowned items but they were in as new condition so I consider them part of my small LV family and treat them accordingly (actually my papillon 26 has to go but for different reasons.) In general I don't like to wear bags that show signs of someone else wear.
  15. I don't really discriminate that way but yes, perhaps sub-consciously I baby my *new* bags more simply because I got them in brand new condition and had to take all the necessary steps to make sure they age gracefully since I'm in full control of that process.