Love ESTEE LAUDER Polish? I wanna see your Pure Colors!

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  1. I have always loved the bottle.. Like an Ice Cube.

    ... I have only one color and its a pearl color.. that I love and hardly wear because I try and save it. Dumb.. cause it just gets old...and goopy.
  2. That's a beautiful color! And it looks great on you too! :P
  3. nice colors...
  4. Not the greatest pic on Nordstrom's website but looks really nice on the model!


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  5. Agreed!! I must have it!
  6. Damn you pukettk! I didn't even know this existed!! Lol
  7. He-he. But now you must have it too? Yes? :P
  8. :busted
  9. Metallic Sage

    Estee Lauder Metallic Sage


  10. Yay! You got it!!!! So pretty and so you!

  11. Nice. How was the formula/application?

  12. I DIED when I saw your post. Love this blue. So beautiful and calming.

    Wild Blue is on its way to me and I can't wait. I wonder why there was not a lot of talk about this one on blogs and such? I would have never known about it if it were not for this thread.
  13. It was good! Full opacity in two coats. The brush is pretty good too. Short and stubby, not Dior level but still helps you to be neater.
  14. Congrats! You will love it, it is such a bright happy color. I don't know why these polishes don't get much attention either because they are really quite good. The formula is silky smooth.
  15. Love it! What an interesting color! I looked for it at a Macy's EL counter the other day but they didn't have any nail polish. I may have to track this color down come fall...