Love ESTEE LAUDER Polish? I wanna see your Pure Colors!

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  1. I purchased Estee Lauder Wild Blue and Wicked Green about a month ago, having never tried this brand before. I literally saw these polishes from across the room at Nordstrom and I was pulled towards them like a magnet!

    Anyway, I just got around to trying Wild Blue and I am OBSESSED! I'm a hardcore Chanel polish lover and rarely stray from that one brand, but this polish was like a dream--it glided on my nails like silk and the color--WOW--the COLOR!!! It is so bright and shiny, after wearing for just an hour or so, it is easily my favorite blue already.

    I really want to see pics of other colors! I'm already planning to go back and buy Hot Coral and the purple later this week.

    Here is Wild Blue:


  2. So pretty! I too have Wicked Green but haven't actually tried it yet. I have soooo many untrieds and still keep buying more and more, lol.
  3. thats a great blue!
  4. knas me too! I have such a problem of going on "binges"--thats how I got these two Estee Lauder polishes, in the midst of the Dior RYN frenzy. I really want to get Hot Coral too now even though I just got 2 Chanel polishes!

    shkBass Thank you! The blue is so vibrant in the sunlight too, it is an amazing color. So far the durability is good too, I was really hard on my nails all day and I don't have a single chip or dent or scratch.
  5. Ooh, Wild Blue is very pretty! I almost bought Ultra Violet at a CCO, now I regret it. I'll keep a lookout for some of these polishes next time I go to one, though.
  6. I have a few EL polishes. They are nice polishes, application is easy with most of them. The Wild Orchid is sheer and takes 3 coats.

    Extravagant Pearl - Extravagant Night - Golden Goddess - Wild Orchid - Blue Dahlia

    My fav is Extravagant Night (my picture doesn't do it justice!)
  7. I swatched Wild Blue yesterday and I loved it! I wish I could have bought it while at the mall but I had my kids with me and they were done at that point and I couldn't find a SA.
  8. You should definitely get it! It is a perfect bright cobalt blue. The color stays bright for days and I wore it for almost 10 days and had very few chips. Estee Lauder is definitely a great quality nail polish.

    I bought Hot Coral today, I've been wanting it for weeks! I really wanted Purple Passion too but they were sold out.
  9. I got nervous because the Nordies by me are all sold out but one of the SA's I called found one for me and did an order over the phone. Hopefully I'll get it by the end of next week!
  10. Shimmering Bronze! Perfect for summer!

  11. Shimmering Bronze looks so pretty! I saw it in the store and almost got it but I got Hot Coral instead.
  12. Here's Hot Coral on my toes! This color is really pretty!

  13. Anybody have or know of any swatches of Metallic Sage? Thanks!!
  14. These are still in stores?? I've wanted wicked green since I saw swatches on vampy varnish. Looks like I'll be calling nordstrom tomorrow!

    Wild blue looks great on you!
  15. Surreal Violet