Louis Vuitton Spring 2020 Collection

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  1. Does anyone know if the current Epi Grenade colour is the same as the 2015 (?) version like this one at Yoogis?

    They look to be the same but this colour seems like a chameleon... on actual videos it can look red or a dark coral... on the stock photo it looks like a neon fuchsia...

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  2. It is not the same color. “Grenade” has been released multiple times. I have an older agenda in Grenade which is neither of these colors posted. Each release color has been different.
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  3. Good to know...thanks! I guess I will have to wait to see what the new Grenade looks like. Do you have the purply Grenade?
    I really like the 2015 version, but would prefer something other than a Cluny BB only because I bought the Pochette Grenelle which is similar. It's a stunning bag and I keep going back to look at the photos.
  4. I do have the purply one :heart: I love this color...
  5. The new one is kinda hot pink... like a bright raspberry
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  6. I liked the Cassis colour but this is even prettier!
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  7. Rats... I was hoping it'd be a warmer dark pink like coral and not raspberry...
  8. I'm not a big pink person but I found it very pretty... though I didn't find it to lean coral at all. It's similar to seaside in that it's really hard to photograph the color correctly!
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  9. Fair enough, yes, the Seaside colour was really hard to capture. A lot of my photos end up making the colour look really washed out/whiter than it actually is. I guess I will have to wait to see in person to make a decision!!
  10. Love this! I have the neonoe monogram and red interior on my wish list and wondered if they would ever make an empriente version coz I would totally be all over it and here they are! Beautiful!
  11. It looks like hot pink to me. HTH
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  12. I saw the new grenade IRL and it is a brighter pink, I’m not really into pink so I focussed more on the vert acide and seaside when I was at the store a couple of weeks ago.
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  13. Do you think that pic @lv.lightning is true to life? Or more warm/cool
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  14. 907192A6-8A03-4AAD-A85F-B54EB1695EDB.jpeg
    i would say it is a bit brighter like this cardholder, it is a nice shade as it changes with the way light hits the bag.
  15. Thank you for your insight, if it's like that pink, then it's definitely not the pink for me :sad: