Louis Vuitton Spring 2020 Collection

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  1. Thank you! Will look forward to your comparison.
  2. I have both and they both feel the same to me.
  3. Thank you for confirming!
  4. Taigarama items are in exclusive prelaunch now - at least in Europe.
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  5. So many eye candies here :nuts:
  6. Sorry if I missed this I can’t seem to find it, but does anyone know when the new version of the round coin purse comes out? I seen a picture on Instagram sku m69556 thanks
  7. @karman
    I was lucky enough to get my egg bag shipped before stores started closing. It arrived today, and even though it's not 100% perfect, I love it
    I was able to snag mine by stalking the in-store inventory daily. Have you had any luck with the vanity pm? I know with everything going on, bags are the least of everyone's worries, but it was nice to get something I had really looked forward to.
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  8. Congrats!! Do you have photos?? What isn't perfect about it?

    I was checking store inventory daily, but that's not how I got my Vanity.

    My store was able to order the Vanity PM for me from the warehouse on Sunday. I got a surprise call from my CA's team lead that they just happened to stumble upon one in the system so he placed the order for me, but it didn't make it to the store in time...in fact, it hadn't even shipped yet according to Client Services today, which means I will have to wait until everything reopens so the bag can get to the store. I can't get it routed to my home address according to both Client Services and my CA's team lead, but I don't know why that is - team lead said "for orders they have to be sent to the store first" so I'm assuming this is indeed an order direct from the warehouse. I was told the order was "approved", the bag is mine for sure and that there's no sign that it'll be cancelled due to the stores being closed, but I'm not sure whether there's going to be a maximum time limit before they end up cancelling my order (say if stores remain closed past April).

    I'm not sure why it took so long to ship, I wonder if they just decided not to ship it out because they were anticipating the store closures.

    As long as it doesn't get cancelled and I can get my bag when this whole situation improves, I'd be happy! It'll be something nice to look forward when this is all over - it's not like I'm getting many opportunities to use any of my bags right now with all of us practicing social distancing!
  9. Haven't taken photos yet, but I'll get some up tomorrow. It's 2 am for me now

    The main issue was the key bell for me. It looks really weathered. I'm going to request for a new one once the stores open again. There aren't too many egg bags floating around, so not sure if this is common to the bag, or it's a flaw on mine, but my front and back stitches don't line up. You know how the front and back are each made of four panels stitched together? Well when you look straight down at the bag, it's obvious that the stitching on the panels don't line up from the back (leather) and front (canvas).

    I had to call in the bag from another state. Had I been there, or if the bag were easier to come by, I would have asked if to see if there was another egg bag for me to look at. The alignment om the mono is really good though.

    Hopefully they fulfill your order once the stores open again! I was frantically calling yesterday because I had no idea if my bag shipped. These bags aren't cheap, so I wasn't too keen on the idea of thousands of dollars being spent with no product to show for who knows how long.
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  10. Did you order yours in from NY? The availability shows one available, if that’s not the one you had ordered (and the inventory just hasn’t caught up yet) I wonder if you can get that one instead when the stores reopen?

    as far as what I’m told, my store said my order for the bag is “approved so the bag is yours” and if it hadn’t shipped yet (which it hadn’t when I last contacted Client Services), it would when they get the go ahead to start shipping things to the store again.

    Of course this does mean I have $3000 CAD held up for who knows when.... if this lock down goes on for longer I’d hope that my order just gets cancelled and I’ll try for it again when things are getting back to normal.

    A bag should be the least of my worries in times like these but the order was just placed on Sunday and I was so excited, so it’s just a bit deflating that I’m out of my money and a bag for who knows how long!
  11. Pictures!
    20200320_123048.jpg 20200320_123107.jpg 20200320_123225.jpg 20200320_123333.jpg
    The top view is to show the misalignment that I'm not sure is normal to the piece or not. I tried to take a pic of the clochette as best as I could, but the lighting in the photo makes it look much better than it is in person. In person it looks like it has seen much better days. I believe the chain and leather is done the same way for the vanity pm, just in black leather.

    I usually spray the vachetta on my bags, but because I'm not sure if I want to stick to this specific bag, I'm going to wait.

    And yes, I ordered mine in from ny. I was told they had several of them in-store, but I didn't want to bother the CA by asking for multiple pictures of each one lol

    My guess is that this bag may have been a display bag. It didn't reek of that very "new" chemical smell. With how distressed the clochette is, I would not be surprised if it was from several people taking it on and off. You can actually see a teeny tiny bit of the leather starting to lift/peel/split.

    If you give yourself a timeline and you still don't have the bag, maybe you could call and see if they could cancel it?
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  12. Ohhh it's such a fun bag!! I love it. This version would definitely be more useful than the previous year's version!

    I agree with you on both the alignment and the clochette...I would also wait for the stores to reopen and see if you can exchange for another. Minor misalignment wouldn't bother me, but I'd say that is quite significant.

    The clochette I can deal with (not the shape it's in but how you can get that addressed); worst case scenario, you ask LV to order a replacement for you. They've put that on so many bags (I think it's the same size as my Valisette BB's) they must have them on hand as a repair item.

    Yes, I'll see in a few months how the situation is and re-evaluate, I do really want the bag. I do hope within a few weeks, things may slowly start to re-open even if we all still have to take precautions. Or maybe LV will make an exception and agree to have this sent to my home instead. I do believe that if my order ends up getting cancelled for this (by my choice or not), my store will do the right thing and try to help me order it in again when they re-open.
  13. Hi, i tried calling customer service today to preorder this and it would ring after being on the initial hold and then say sorry we can’t take your call our system is down. Did you call a different number then the one listed online?

  14. Hi,
    I used the online chat and asked to be put on a pre-order list. Then I just had to confirm my data and a couple minutes later I got a confirmation mail from LV.
  15. @daisy913 I just noticed the strap is like the strap of the Vanity! Is that vachetta? It almost looks glossy. I’m super envious of that strap... I would have so many bags I can use it with. The Vanity strap, I don’t like mixing leathers and only have one other reverse monogram bag I’d use it with (Square bag, which i primarily carry by hand)