Louis Vuitton Spring 2020 Collection

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  1. Show time: Tuesday, October 1st at 7:30 pm (Paris-time)

  2. Teaser

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  4. Loving this Vanity Monogram! Credit to LV's official IG.
  5. OMG! Adding this to my wish list!! I wonder if this new vanity is the reason the nano Nice got delayed. I was hoping they’d add proper hardware for a strap.
    At the rate the new LE bags are going for though, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is $3000...:hrmm:
  6. That’s very cute.
  7. Yes I agree! The prices are ridiculous. I originally got the essentials trunk in my country for 1k less than the new version with the long chain. How can that be possible? 1k extra for the longer chain? This vanity is very cute but the price will break my arms and legs hahaha
  8. Wow, was the difference seriously that much in Australia? I think the Essentials Trunk was about $1350 CAD and the new version with chain is $2060 - which isn't quite $1000 but still pretty ridiculous of a difference at $700.
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  9. Lvj12 posted another sneak peak of one of the bags.
  10. Is this a real bag or photo shopped?
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  11. It seems to be a real bag
  12. The Blade Bag.
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  14. Omg that Blade bag is gorgeous. But LV can we please have something other than black?