Louis Vuitton in Malaysia.. Anyone can help?

  1. Good Day
    I am planning to go to Malaysia this summer and I heard the prices of Louis vuitton stuff and other barands are cheaper and they do have sales in July.. Can anybody advise me because i want to buy a collection of LV handbags:wlae::graucho:
  2. as far as I know LV does not go on sale. prices are also by no means cheaper in Malaysia. prices are best in paris.
  3. Louis Vuitton would not have a sale.
  4. Louis Vuitton does not go on Sale. Malaysia LV price is more expensive than Singapore.
  5. Yup, I agree with the rest. No sales at LV. And the price of LV in Malaysia is definitely more expensive than many other countries. It would be cheaper to buy LV in Paris, HK or even Singapore.
  6. Thanks all for your responses. I am from Dubai, are the prices are less or more expensive in Dubai than the other countries? Just i want to take a feedback about the prices in my city of LV.
  7. Lv in KL is more expensive cus there is tax on ever thing
    LV locaed in starhill mall next to marriot hotel in Jalalan bintang
  8. Thanks all for your responses, i believe i have to go to France to buy from there.
  9. Hubby has a trip to Penang coming up next week and I'm wondering is it worthwhile for someone in US to purchase LV in Malaysia? Is there an LV store in Penang?

  10. I looked on the LV website and the only store shown in Malaysia is LV Kuala Lumpur.
  11. thanks! lol...I am so dumb! I didn't even check the website. I was thinking that if I clicked on US I wouldn't be able to see stores in other countries.

    bummer! Kuala Lumpur is pretty far from Penang, I doubt he'd be able to go for me!
  12. I heard it is very expensive anyway, much more than the US.
  13. It's cheaper to purchase LV in US compared to Malaysia since it's more expensive there. And yea, there's no LV stores in Penang. The only LV store is in Kuala Lumpur and it's about 5 hours drive from Penang.
  14. Anyone know????:yahoo: