Louis Vuitton Chat thread

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  1. YaY! A fresh start :yes:
  2. Tonight's skating events should be interesting. No bashing involved. Mostly figuring out the real issues; and how to respond properly.

    GreeK: Good morning True. Glad you were able to enjoy the Lympics. Is there an event you're particularly excited for? Uh oh. Was it a full on Tommy bashing last night?
  3. I guess we talk to much...lol
  4. Hugs; let us know the outcome. How many children do you have? Tell us about them.

    fashionMom: Today I have ameeting with my lawyer for my SSI benefits. It means the world to me that I get disability. It is a bummer to need it at 30, but it is in God's plan I guess. Atleast it is just fibromyalgia and nothing life threatening. However the extra income will really help. Dylan is off today so he will be watching my son. Brayden. My daughter, Ally is in the mountains with my dad (the house has been really quite). And this week should be galliera week!!
  5. new thread already wowzaa
  6. Finally we got reset haha, that was getting to be a crazy long thread! I guess we're a bit too chatty, huh? I'm waiting for my color to set in right now - I'm sitting with a towel covering my whole head to make sure it doesn't get on anything :P.
  7. C and greek- Is it snowing there today?

  8. Do you color your own hair?
  9. be back later. need to meet a friend for lunch.
  10. Not yet - it's supposed to start around 4p now. Luckily I'm back at home nice and warm :smile:
  11. Yeah I do. It's easy with the stuff I use and my hair always comes out really nice I think. I get better at it with time :smile:
  12. HI all . Can you please help me to identify this LV purse. Thanks

    Attached Files:

  13. It's a Passy in Epi Cassis
  14. Yay!, my Uggs arrived today and I love them,Betsy; I always assumed that US shoe sizing was the same as UK sizing,thank God I ordered them from an UK site because I found out today from the box that my UK 7 is a US 9 so we are big feet twins ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.