Louis Vuitton can KISS my @$$

  1. They will not ever recieve another dime from me.:cursing: If I'm still craving it after all this ebay will be my only recourse. I'm sorry guys. Remember I returned my lockit like 2 weeks ago. They were supposed to refund back my debit card. I'm sitting here looking stupid waiting on the refund, turns out it was NEVER DONE. And the only reason I'm finding that out is because I called again and they CLAIMED they put it in again but this time for $1000.45. so basically they are putting in extra because of all the hassle. I get my bank on the phone and I have the bank and LV on 3 way, so nothing gets misconstrued. The bank traced my card as far back as OCt 6 and they said they see no type of credit coming back to my account not even in the future. They said they can see it before it even hits it will say pending. Also not to mention the Manager who we were talking to had the nerve to have the snottiest attitude. Also when I call them about this whole ordeal they treat me as if I'm bothering them. Well screw em. I'll enjoy what I have but Louis vuitton definatly left a very bad taste in my mouth. So if you don't see me around here you will know why. :hysteric:
  2. WOw, not good service at all.
  3. My daughter had a problem too. Male s/a in Jersey looked at her like she was a criminal! Also, states there is never enough money in the drawer to give cash refunds! They told her she needed to come back after notifying them of her return and the cash would be in the store! Well...after my phone call the $ were put back on her debit card. Whats with the LV drama lately in their stores? Are they that hard up for sales?
  4. Did you happen to get the name of the person who was helping you? If I were you I'd call the customer service line and ask to speak to a manager and report the person for terrible service. :yes:
  5. I dont get it. When you return something, dont they ring up a return reciept before you leave? I would never just leave a $1K bag and say credit me?
  6. Which store???
  7. Whoa, I'm sorry to hear that! What a nightmare! I hope you get your money back...
  8. This was done over the phone:crybaby: through 1(866) I never set foot in the store that's the store 866 transferred me to because that's the store that had the last groom agenda, so I wound up ordering my agenda and lockit from that store, oh and Jill it was the LV store in the mall at Short HIlls. I don't want to drop names but if you say it's ok I'll do it;)
  9. I agree with Selena, they always give return receipt and if they indeed credit you back, it should be in your bank account at the latest in 3 days.

    Sorry that you hav eto go through this hassle..
  10. They are mailing the return reciept:shrugs: I never physically went to the store:sad: I shipped the bag back to them. So all this was done over the phone and through the mail. I won't never do this again ever
  11. god i hope it all works out in the end
  12. similiar thing happned to me. I ordered denim lv shoes from the sf store over the phone and never got them. There tracking showed someone signed for them, well that was impossible unless they had the wrong address, so after 1 week they figured out that they were not shipped to me, they were shipped ACROSS THE STREET to Neiman Marcus LOL ..they told me I was credited, waited one week, nothing. Then had to get store management involved and she was ON IT as soon as they realized it was there mistake.

    so im sure this is just an isolated issue, maybe try another store?
  13. OH DEAR GOD..I just got a pair of shoes from SHort Hills LV that I mailed back to them (A few days ago!)cuz they were too big..They better credit them back asap!
    Pm me the name of the SA..Now Im worried about my credit there too..LOL..OY!
  14. I hope this works out... that's ridiculously bad service.
  15. serendipity -

    Are you saying that your daughter paid with her debit card and wanted a cash refund? I'm not surprised they wouldn't accommodate this. It's standard retail procedure to only supply refunds in the form in which payment was received. Providing cash refunds on anything but cash purchases is an easy way for stores to get scammed big time.