Louis Vuitton Antigua

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Do you like the Antigua line

  1. love it

  2. it is ok

  3. i hate it

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am in love with the antigua line.
    But i would like to now if you guy think it is worth it and to get one of the antigua bags.:biggrin:

  2. It is ok.
  3. I really like it.
  4. It's alright very simple...
  5. I ordered a Cabas Antigua GM in the new Rose color from Elux and it is scheduled to be delivered today. I will have to let you know how I like it! I love the new Rose color... it is very close to the fuchsia vernis color. Here is the new Antigua Plate PM with my Bedford:


    I ordered the Cabas Antigua GM because I had an MM in Red and felt it was too small. The PM looks very small, and the price difference between the 3 sizes isn't that much. It's pretty reasonable for a larger LV bag.
  6. ^that looks so nice.
  7. Someone needs to give me a tutorial on how to post thumbnail pictures... all of my pics look huge on this board. :shame:
  8. ^it is ok they look good.
  9. Gorgeous set you have there. :love: Is your Pochette Plate roomy/ roomy enough to use as a makeup bag ? Also were you able to put the mm over your shoulder ?


  10. The MM was a tight fit over my shoulder. I think the straps are only about a 9" drop. On a thinner person it might fit better. I bought the Plate to use as a cosmetics bag at the office, and it fits things nicely. It is about the same size as a standard pochette (and quite a bit cheaper, only $150 on Elux).
  11. the louis vuitton cabas mm does fit over your shoulder.
  12. i heart the antigua's cuz they are cheap. lol. i want a sac week-end for well.. weekend trips.. and and i adore the striped interior and the color combos they come in.

    though.. the week-end is more than a keepall. lol.
  13. i would definitely buy the antigua cabas GM in blue...i think that's going to be the next LV bag i'm going to buy. they're cheap and sturdy and would be perfect for me at school.
  14. I'm thinking the Rose GM will make a great tote for work. I worry about the canvas getting dirty easily, but I am going to spray it with some fabric protector first.
  15. that would be very cool.