Louis Vuitton Alma PM... Grand Bleu or Amarante. Please help me decide ;)

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LV Alma Pm Vernis

  1. Grand Bleu

  2. Amarante

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  1. Been dreaming about the LV Alma PM... and also the Prada Lux tote. Leaning more towards the LV... but what color? What color would be easier to dress up or down? Casual to dressy?
    Grand Bleu or Amarante? Is the amarante too common? It the blue too flashy? I'd really appreciate some thoughts! :smile:

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  2. I voted for the grand bleu..it is a beautiful color!
  3. Personally I love the blue. It's bold but can be worn with pretty much anything. Tie a scarf on it or attach a charm and go about your day. Very versatile color IMO

  4. So true!!! Thanks!:biggrin:
  5. I'm personally not a fan of the amarante... so my vote gets the blue!'😜
  6. I really love Amarante but that blue is gorgeous and gets my vote.
  7. Blue!
  8. well the Amarante is more of a neutral and the Grand Bleu stands out a lil more..it all depends what ur looking for and perhaps how are u using the bag for(casual, everyday).. i have an amarante slg and it looks brown to black to dark cherry depending on the light
  9. i absolutely love this shade of shiny shimmery blue ... it's gorgeous! go for the Grand Bleu!!
  10. I voted for the Blue. They're both beautiful, but the blue seems like it would be easier to dress up or down. Plus it's gorgeous!
  11. Amarante! I'm not a blue person.
  12. Blue! Not an amarante person as well:smile:
  13. Both are stunning
    I'd go with the blue

  14. +1
  15. Thanks for the votes ladies! I've always wanted the amarante and was hoping to get it this year... then I looked at the website and the blue really caught my eye. Been surfing the forum for pictures and so far I find it really gorgeous but I'm just a bit scared it might be too flashy (with the glitter and the pop of color)? I haven't seen it in real life...guess I have to go and take a look at the LV shop.
    Thanks again for the thoughts/votes/perspectives!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: