Louis In Disneyland?

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  1. Aloha! for my 23rd birthday and honeymoon, my husband is taking me to Disneyland for the very first time in July! im super excited as im a HUGE Disney fanatic and my favorite number is 23! So my question, would it be a good idea to bring a damier azure bag along with me? my husband said I can buy one LV before the trip (as we will need spending money on the actual trip) so im stuck between the DA noe bb or a bandolier speedy 25.

    what are your thoughts? should I go ahead and bring a lv to the happiest place on earth? or should I play it safe and bring another bag?
  2. If you're going to Disneyland, I would suggest that you bring a low maintenance bag. There will be lots of people there, so lots of bumping and touching. You wouldn't want to possibly stain your brand new vachetta there! Also, there are rides (i.e. splash mountain) that you might be interested on going...not a good idea to exposure vachetta to water either. I would suggest a DE print, but since you're set on getting a DA, play it safe and bring a less expensive bag.

    Have fun!
  3. I just took my brand new Odeon to Disneyland earlier this month and honestly, I was worried about it the entire time. It did fine and got some scuffs on the vachetta (that I took out with an eraser), but I wished I had taken in a more broken in bag. Just some things to consider - you'll be carrying for long periods of time, you'll be setting it down often, taking it on rides, and possibly have people bumping into it.
    It's all personal preference, though. Just throwing in my 2 cents. ;)
  4. Thank you ladies! I didn't think about the rides and all that.. i appreciate your responses!
  5. thank you, youre right!
    i guess ill wait and maybe buy the bag when we're ready to head home.. you know, after i have rode all the rides available. haha!
  6. I totally agree, buy it on the way back and take a more low maintenance bag! Then you can fully enjoy the rides without worrying and still have a perfect bag to take home. Have a wonderful time :smile:
  7. My Damier Bloomsbury has been on every ride over and over - perfect bag for parks like Disney.
  8. Been there a lot. My thoughts depend on how much you baby your bag.

    In the park- depending on the weather you may be hot and sweaty which may affect your Vachetta. It may be reallllly sunny which may also affect things. Also, you may be putting your bag in the rides which may have nets on the seats to hold it- which may be dirty.
    Also you may get wet depending on the ride.

    For me personally, I would bring a bag to the park that you don't mind throwing around. It will keep you free to not worry about your LV and enjoy yourself with your husband!

    Edit: Posted before the responses showed up- sorry for repeating what others said. :smile:
  9. I know my cousin take her Eva in DE and uses the cross body option. She loves it. I recently purchased my Eva and it will be the bag I take to disneyland as well. :smile:
  10. I've been to Disneyland twice and took a low maintenance no brand name bag both times. You want to enjoy yourself and have a worry free trip xx
  11. i didn't think about the sweat and sun issue as well! thank you for reminding me!
  12. I would bring a waterproof cross body bag. My other loves are Harvey's Seatbelt bags and they are my go to Disneyland bags! They are awesome and guaranteed for life. Also they are made up the road from Disneyland in Santa Ana , CA. As you can tell I'm a huge fan.
    Also I've seen people use LE Sportsac. Both Harvey's and Le Sportsac have Disney themed bags
  13. this was another little bag i was thinking about taking! but im not sure if it will hold the items im thinking about bringing! please let me know how you pack yours when you do go!
  14. thank you for the alternate suggestions! im googling Harvey's Seatbelt bags right now. ive never heard of them!
  15. I use to like in LA and went to disney all the time. Been to Flordia disney many times.
    I would not take new for sure unless in DE.
    I think maybe a smaller, other brand bag, so you can enjoy the day.
    I love disney, have a great time