Looking for MJ Trish on sale

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  1. I checked Neimans and Saks site, but the bag is sold out. TIA!
  2. Here is a pic of the bag.

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  3. Doh! Barneys.com had it on sale for $799 in the chili color. There were 6 in stock on Friday night, but I checked again yesterday--- all gone! I hope you find it. Maybe keep checking the websites to see if it pops up again?
  4. hmm, you might try calling the store...you never know!
  5. ecmd7: Any luck finding Trish on sale? I wasn't sure if your heart was set on a particular color. Another place I would look is Bloomingdales; maybe it's on sale there?
  6. bubbleliciousis, thanks for the information. I checked NAP's site and the bag is listed as "orange." I am guessing that is light brown. I was looking for the darker color.

    slickskin, no such luck yet. It's been hard when calling the stores since the SA's are super busy helping Xmas shoppers. If it is meant to be, I will find one.

    Thanks for your help!!
  7. NAP didn't have the color u wanted but this post just appeared in the sale sightings section by a TFP member and wanted to forward it on to you ...

    we have marc jacobs on sale at barneys 60% off alfred bowlers,trish and more call me! [EMAIL="chuNO ADVERTISING PLEASE!**
  8. bubbleliciousis, you are the BEST!!! :yahoo:I just called Barney's and ordered the Trish in brown. Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hey I'm so happy that you got the bag you want!!! =) :yahoo:

    HAppy Holidays - nothing like a present you want to go with the holiday!!!

    show off your bag and post pictures for us to see when you get it!
  10. wow. 60% off! Thats a great price!!
  11. Damn it! Why did it have to go on sale at christmas time! I spent all of my money on gifts. Oh well, guess I have to hope that one might cross my path post-xmas.
  12. Congrats Ran! It's a really great bag!
  13. Erika, I saw the pictures of your Trish and that is what made want it even more! My new bag should be here next week.
  14. Congrats Ran, you got a great deal!!!! =)