Looking for 2.55 in metallic black and style#

  1. I am looking for 08 S/S 2.55 in metallic black with silver HW. I've searched around many places. But it seems all boutiques have gold HW on stock. Any owner here? Or can someone provide me the style#? Thanks for your attention ladies.
  2. ^ try giving Kiet at the Chanel in Houston (713-850-0055) a call. I know he sent me an email saying he had a metallic black reissue in stock a few days ago. I didn't ask him for the size or hardware, but it's a worth a shot and I think he'll go the extra mile to look for the bag for you. ;)
  3. hi there I guess you're looking for the Y code which is Y 04373 for the met'black with silver ruth h/w as I see it in the Nordstrom lookbook. code for black is 94305 and I suppose you know the size codes: A 375XX
    good luck !:yes:
  4. A37590Y04373 for 227. Color code 94305.
    Very beautiful. I just received it today.
  5. So only Nordstrom and the Chanel boutiques ordered met black with silver HW? Did they order both 226 and 227 sizes? Thanks!
  6. I see only A 37587 (226) and A37584 (224) for the met blk with s/h from the lookbook everyone has (I suppose)!
    I have no idea about the C boutiques cause I'm in Europe ! I hope it's of some help at least!:yes:
  7. I saw this bag in two Chanel boutiques this week. The Bal Harbour Chanel boutique in Miami and yesterday at the Chanel Boutique in Orlando.

    Call Brandon at Bal Harbour - 305-868-0550 or
    Bettina in Orlando - 407-352-5100

    The bags I saw were either the 226 or 227 sizes.

    Good luck!
  8. :love:thank you guys, really appreciate your help.