LOOKIE WHAT I GOT! you guys are gonna be shocked!

  1. OMG so i go to pick up the large sig stripe tote, but its not what i wanted. I always wanted the shoulder tote!!

    I went to 14th street later on to return it and see what they might have. I went and tried on the leather carly in red and was about to buy it but they had a sig stripe demi in punch!!! of course i bought it!! this is supposed to be sold out! she said it was hiding in the back or something


    and then i go to macys and get the shoulder tote! i couldnt stand it!! i really really really wanted it and now i have it!! this solves my carly dilemma.. because it is very similar to the carly style (shoulder and strap wise), if they had a carly in stiff denim fabric, I would have gotten it!! you guys are right the red leather carly and the chocolate carly are to die for!! but shoulder tote stays with me!!!:yahoo:


    ok i ll take better pics tomorrow i m at my sisters!
  2. The Shoulder Tote is a great style and has that Carly-like slouch. Plus it's lovely in demin. Enjoy!

    PS--any word from Coach yet?
  3. Oops, sorry just saw the "Coach is not going to call me" on your signature. Have you tried following up? From my seasonal experience they lost girls left and right and constantly were hiring.
  4. i dont think they re going to call me.. i went in the store today and they all looked at me and treated me very weird... like a regular customer that they have never seen.. thats why i went to 14th st to return the bag
  5. Oh well, you cant win them all. There are bigger and better things out there for you! Dont be discouraged :yes:
  6. Wahoo!!!!! I LOVE that punch sig stripe!!!!! Soooo cute!!!! And that shoulder tote is TDF!!!! I would love to find one. See, that's perfect for you!!!!! It has a bit of the slouch, but not too much! Congrats and great decision!
  7. thanks guys!! ur right bigger and better things are coming!!
  8. Congrats on the wonderful new bags.
  9. Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg! the Demi in PUNCH! You are one LUCKY LUCKY girl! And that denim tote is tdf! Congratulations!!!!

    I guess you were too good for Coach, its ok SO was looking for a stocking job there(about 4 years ago), and turned out he was too good for them too! lol. Better things will come along...
  10. Congrats! I actually have always liked the shoulder tote better than the Carly! It looks great on you!
  11. Great purchases!

    Do you know how the Shoulder Tote compares in size to a regular Sig Stripe Tote? Is it a pretty large bag?
  12. Love the denim shoulder tote AND the punch demi!!!! So cute! Congrats!
  13. The tote really looks great on you. I think it's the perfect size and the shoulder drop lets if fall on just the right spot. Well done!
  14. You got the punch... Omg how lucky!! & I love the tote. It looks really nice on you! Congrats! :smile:
  15. Kat- You're right: no respecatable coach-a-holic would have passed up that punch stripe! I love the denim shoulder tote! Congrats on your finds!