look who followed me home!

  1. I went to the LV shop the other day - after my questions here on Friday, I thought I'd come home with the Mono Petit Noe or perhaps the Mono Speedy. However...as I learned, you never know which bag is going to speak to you once you get there.

    I checked out the Petit Noe in Mono, Multicolore, and Epi - but I just wasn't feeling it. The Multi had a delicious lining, but I still haven't decided whether I like the Multi or not. The very patient SA showed me a number of other shoulder bags, including the Tulum and Batignolles. But the one I really loved wasn't a shoulder bag at all...it was the Ellipse PM! She's about the same size as my beloved Damier Speedy 25, but in an interesting, unusual shape that's easy to get stuff in and out of. And, she has the double buckles on the handles in case I want to attach a shoulder strap.

    Then I remembered to ask whether they had any Cerises left at all, and the SA smiled and said they had a few Pochette Accessoires left. I asked if she'd show me one (there weren't any out on display), and when she brought it out, it was so adorable that I couldn't leave it there.:love: I hadn't intended to spend nearly so much, so I think my purchases will need to last at least the rest of the year, but both the Cerises Pochette and little Ellipse had to come home with me.

    Below are pics of my new babies being unwrapped, and one of the whole happy family (including one of my cats).:tender:
  2. Wow!! Great purchases!! I love the Cerises piece!!! Congrats!! :biggrin:
  3. Lucky you! They are lovely purchases!
  4. Congrats on your new pieces! You lucked out with the cerises pochette!
  5. Congrats!! Great purchases!! You will love them both!! Enjoy!
  6. That Ellipse is really starting to grow on me. Can you take a pic of you holding it? Thanks and great purchases!~!
  7. That was a great shopping day!!! Love the variety of bags!
  8. Awww so gorgeous!!
  9. Beautiful selection :smile: Enjoy your new bags.
  10. I looove the Ellipse. Congrats on your new babies!
  11. Congrats on your two beauties! They're excellent! Where is your store? I'm tempted to call up and get myself a cerises pochette.
  12. Congrats, those are some gorgeous purchases !
  13. Nice followers :biggrin:
  14. Very nice!!! Love the cerises!!!
  15. congrats! I love the ceriese!