look what i made!

  1. starbucks has these awesome mugs that you can put whatever you want in them so i cut up one of the legacy shopping bags and made this:


    so now i can have my coffee in style!!
  2. Wow. That's so freakin' cool and creative! You're gonna have people copying now. Lol. :tup:
  3. Props to you...what a great idea!
  4. Wish I had a legacy bag to do this with :sad:

    It is sooo cute.
  5. yea i figured, ive had it for a few weeks now and everyone loves it so i would share the idea here
  6. i have about 10 so it wasnt too painful to cut one up...im the type of gal that saves all the shopping bags (i have a LOT of coach shopping bags...its amazing how fast they accumulate)
  7. Now THATS a Coach addict if I ever saw one! Very cute idea!
  8. Very creative!
    That is super cute. Props to you.:tup:
  9. Neat. Now is the part where it goes waterproof? IE - can I put one in the dishwasher after I make one?
  10. OMG too cute, and it looks so natural, definitely big props to you :tup:
  11. CUTE!!!!!!! i wish i had a legacy bag too.
    i wonder how come they haven't come out w/ a patterned bag since....
  12. well...the tag said its not dishwasher friendly...and i dont really use my dishwasher anyway. it has a great seal and hasnt leaked at all. overall im pleased with it!
  13. That is so cute....great job!
  14. cindy that is too adorable congrats!!!!
  15. that's a great idea! i have one of those mugs and was pondering what to do with it... i just might do something similar, maybe a page from a catalog or something fun?

    Thanks for sharing! :smile: