Look what I found. Kinda crazy...kinda cool?!?

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  1. i guess this is legal because it's for sale by a reputable store. $1,320. is this an authentic chanel scarf converted into a jacket? it comes in "chanel green" and "chanel black". BUT is sold under another designer name. crazy, huh?

  2. Yes, crazy and cool -IF they used an authentic scarf. I'm only saying that because where I used to work, there was a designer who came to show some samples, and one of them was a Chanel "scarf" top -but she blatantly said it was fake, although it didn't look SUPER fake, KWIM?

    Anyways, were you planning to get this jacket? I've always thought about buying a Chanel or Hermes scarf and sewing it into something else... but didn't want to risk ruining a $500 scarf ;)
  3. interesting concept
  4. janny - when i first saw it i thought. oh my...what have they done! but after a while it doesn't look so bad. if it is in fact authentic chanel. i don't think i can pull of that look, though. the shiny black leggings throw it off!! haha
  5. ^^^ LOL, I know... because the jacket has a baggy shape -and plus the shiny leggings, at first I was thinking it was something a boxer would wear!
  6. My thoughts exactly;), IMO too much:s
  7. How interesting!! I was actually kind of wondering what people thought of using authentic Chanel items to make things- if it was a yay or nay....like sewing a Chanel scarf onto a non-Chanel shirt around the neck area in a pre-tied bow, sewing parts of a Chanel scarf onto the back pockets of jeans, etc...nothing gaudy, just adding a little touch of class to something. Like, if you alter it, do you still consider it authentic and valuable or have you just desecrated it?
  8. I personally don't really like it...and I wouldn't sew or alter my Chanel scarves...just a personal thing I guess.
  9. It looks really cool from the back, it's too bad it's not like a drapey shirt instead.
  10. WOW this is gorgeous! Reminds me of H scarves being used for halters. I would totally buy this! (if is wasn't 1320$ :Push:smile:
  11. If any of my scarves get (god forbid!) torn or otherwise damaged, it could be a good use for the undamaged parts! I'll remember this for the future. I wouldn't try to sell the items I made with it, though.
  12. rihanna wore something similar to that shape before.... I'll be back with pics...I think the right person can pull it off
  13. definitely crazy...
  14. That looks straight out of Canal Street, NYC IMO.
  15. I agree. it looks like it is from Canal Street and very fake.