Look what I found. Kinda crazy...kinda cool?!?

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  1. i dont realli like the look...maybe im just not to much of a green fan..but looks a bit strange to me! i woodnt wear it tbh
  2. It does look fake. And somehow it looks very 80's too, but not in a complimentary way :s.
  3. OOOH....I think that it is awful! :amazed: Just my opinion ;)
  4. I don't like it too, i thought it will be better if it's in black with silver..
  5. echo - i would consider buying something made of authentic chanel, as long as it is done in good taste. that may not be a bad business! anez has a good point -- only if it was somehow damaged first.
  6. I think it looks chavvy!
  7. Acks, I just had a visual overload! :lol:
  8. yikes! oh gosh, i hope you guys don't think i was planning on buying this! saw it on a website and thought i'd share. although, i'm sure it would look fantastic on the right person!
  9. The design itself is way too gaudy. Bright green and gold? A bit too blingy of a combination. As a scarf I'm sure it's okay, but as a hoodie it's just overwhelming.

    A more subtle design on the scarf would have been nicer, like a simple black scarf with a smaller CC on it. Or a camellia scarf (I don't know much about Chanel scarves to be honest).