1. For the girls who spend a lot of time alone and best enjoy their own company, were you always this way? Or was it a development?

    Thanks for sharing. :heart:
  2. I always enjoyed being alone more than with a bunch of people. The older I get, the less I want to be around anyone. That sounds pretty bad, huh?
  3. I've always been like this, my mother told me that even very little I distanted myself from kids if their playing got to loud etc.
  4. You old curmudgeon you, Irishgal! Just kidding, you know I adore you. :drool: <--- I'm creepy!!!
  5. I was never a social butterfly, and after going through a tough time in middle school and high school, it's gotten to the point where while I don't mind doing things with people, I don't NEED to have people around me ALL THE TIME.
  6. I've always been around a lot of people... roommates, sorority sisters, friends, and family. Now that I literally know ONE person in the city I live in, I feel a little alone, but it's not half as bad as I thought it would be. I guess the old maxim is right, "If you can't enjoy your own company, who else would?" Good thing I found out I like myself! I do feel sort of sorry that I don't have a big group of girlfriends to go out with and explore the city, though!
  7. Intel-when we are really old we will probably be super cranky old broads that all the kids in the neighborhood love to tease and torment. I can't wait!!
  8. I'm definitely a lonewolf. Always been like this. Granted, I can be very social and outgoing if I want to but the real me is a bit of a hermit.

    I just like my alone-time. My life is often consumed by other things, so I rarely get time to myself to do what I want. This is why I enjoy going to movies and eating out by myself. Ppl think it's sad, I happpen to like it.:yes:
  9. If it were not for loners there would be no computer science.
  10. so I guess you are a computer genius, Irishgal;)
  11. Never claimed to be, why?
  12. I like being alone...I was a shy girl when I was younger, and I just grew accustomed to diong things myself (which probably can explain why I'm perpetually single, hahaha). I like having friends around me, but being able to think for myself and just relax is so wonderful to me. I even like eating alone at restaurants, something I know not too many people like.
  13. I realized fairly recently that although I enjoy people, I need to "re-charge" with alone time afterward, because I feel drained. This is most significant if I am in a large group of people. Apparently this is common with introverts.

    I have always been kind of a loner, or enjoyed the company of a few people. Some of us are just like that!
  14. I've always really enjoyed being alone... it gives me more time to do the things I like to do. I'm not a very social person, though I do like to go to parties and the like on occasion. Since I rarely do, it's kind of refreshing when I do something like that... does that make sense? Don't get me wrong, I go to movies, shop, out to dinner, and hang out with friends on the weekends, it's just rarely more than 2 or 3 people. I feel more comfortable alone or just with very little people. My parents used to worry that it was a problem when I was younger, but it's part of what always kept me out of trouble I think.
  15. I've always been pretty quiet at times; I did have a few very close friends back in elementary school. But then they moved away, so I no longer had a 'main' group of friends. I started going out with friends less and less, and now I realize that I don't even enjoy the company of others that much anymore, since I don't have BEST friends who I'm extremely close with.
    I actually like spending time alone rather than with others. I like the feeling of knowing I have a few friends I can count on but I just don't like being around them much..(that sounds kinda bad lol :P)