London Tote News

  1. Hi Ladies, I just heard from Aimee, that London Tote will be a stock item in Grey Snakeprint leather for Spring 2012, and is available for pre order now.:p:graucho::biggrin::smile:;)
  2. That's great news. I bet that style in grey snakeprint will be hot. Such a great neutral--a year round bag, I think. Still hoping she also brings more anthracite and black snakeprint back. I love my anthra--this thing still looks new and I have carried it nonstop for the most part since I got it.
  3. Tejas, you're the one who has convinced me that I "need" (ha ha) a London Tote. You love it so much, and you've described so well why it is so you! Sorry I won't be joining you in your bespoke. But I will have a London Tote.

  4. Glad to help!:graucho: I really think you will love it. It is a beautiful and very wearable bag. I have used some of my other bags but I keep returning to this one.
  5. Ooohhh! That's great news!

    My black snakeprint London Tote is on its way to London. I cannot WAIT to see the caramel lining with it.
  6. Love the caramel lining, hildie! I bet it will look HOT with black.:sunnies

    On the original topic though...she said London Tote, but what about midi? Any mention?
  7. Hildie, is that a BEC black snake London Tote...or did they find one somewhere...?

    Jenbur, I'm asking about the midi...will get back to you with an answer soonest.
  8. More news:

    The London Tote, and the London Tote Midi will be produced in Warm Grey Snakeprint, and also, Black Velvet Matte. Available now for pre order. This was my latest news from Aimee.
  9. Thanks for the update!!!! So glad they've decided to keep a few of this style as stock.
  10. Is the black velvet matte plain or snake print? I have this style in this leather in my BEC wish list! It's tempting....
  11. I believe the black velvet matte is plain.
  12. I'm guessing that it's the same black matte as being used in the Barcelona? It's pretty but, from the photo, it almost looks like suede. Maybe it's the lighting?

    I can't wait to see the grey snake. I think it's going to be gorgeous. Hoping we get to see a few more options. I have a feeling that this style will be really popular in 2012. It's getting a following needs to stick around for awhile!;)
  13. Hi Ladies

    Do the outer pockets on the LT have magnetic closures?

    Me x
  14. No - they don't. They are so deep though...really no need. I used my full size for travel and had NO issues. :smile:
  15. I agree with Hildie--I haven't had any issues with the outside pockets. I regularly carry my Kindle and a water bottle in different pockets and I've never had an issue with anything falling out.

    Jackie said that the leather should be arriving soon so we should have a better understanding of the production and delivery schedule within the next few days!