LMB or Applegarde or....


What protects my little b-baby best?

  1. LovinMyBags (which product?)

  2. Applegarde (which product?)

  3. Other (educate me)

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  1. I know this is the zillionth post on this...but being in Canada, it's really expensive and difficult for me to get some of this stuff so I'd like to be sure about what I pick as I've actually never treated my bags before :shame: . I would like to keep my bags with the shine and softness- not to mattify them. However, I'd like to prevent darkening of the handles and of course protect from rain, snow, nuclear fallout, etc.
    What is everyone's favourite "swear-by" product once and for all now that many have tried the LovinMyBags stuff as well? Could you please vote and humour me? Thanks so much:flowers:
  2. brilliant question. I'd love to know too. I just bought AG, but want the best collective intelligence on this as it specifically relates to Bbags.
  3. I've been using Applegarde but I'm switching over to LMB in a few weeks (getting my off white Jimmy Choo cleaned from them).
  4. I voted for Apple, but that's kinda biased cos I haven't used any of the others yet.

    I had a day out in the rain (gasp!) with my white city, and she was soaking in dye from my jeans (urgh). I basically had one big denim dye patch, and just scruffs of denim color all along the bottom back. I used Apple cleaner on it a few days after, and managed to get all off the scruffs off. And then later I put on two coats of the conditioner (which really, really stinks to high heaven, I think)

    HOWEVER, it did turn the bottom part of my bag matte.. it is not really obvious unless you hold it out in the light and are looking for it.

    Hope this helps! :P
  5. Where do you buy these products?
  6. I purchased my bottles of Applegarde from [SIZE=-1]Burlington Coat Factory[/SIZE] , it was $4.95 a bottle.
  7. I've only used apple garde and apple conditioner. I swear by it, but if you find something that you like better, by all means use it. You could get small bottles of both and see what you like. Apple comes in small 8 oz bottles so you can try it. The garde is a small can. They're having a sale right now. I just bought a gallon of conditioner because I also use it on my leather furniture.
  8. I need something to condition and protect my Caramel bag without taking any of that lovely shine away...but I've heard of people using one of these products and losing the shine, the bag becomes more matte. Has anyone managed to find something that doesn't remove the shine from the leather?
  9. Stylefly, Lovinmybags is coming out with a moisturizer that will "keep the shine intact"

    I just pre-treated my 3 week old bbag on one side) and it took out the shine and became more matte. I also applied the cleaner/condiitoner withn the sponge on a tiny spot and to my surprise, the color lightened. :crybaby:
  10. I think Apple Garde's cleanser is MUCH more effective than LovinMyBags cleanser! I also have a light colored bbag that has picked up dye transfer from clothing too and AG's cleanser always removes everything and makes the bag look completely new again. :love:

    But I prefer LovinMyBags conditioners and moisturizers over both AG and Coach conditioners. (And I prefer AG's conditioner over Coach's conditioner). HTH!
  11. I actually have both and LMB products are much better for bbags IMO because they're more sensitive. The cleanser might be less effective but it isn't as aggressive as the Apple cleanser. The moisturizer and pre-treatment is amazing and I can highly recommend the handle lotion. I don't use my Apple products anymore because I don't want to risk later damage.
  12. ^^ Tanja and others, has anyone found the LMB handle lotion to help remove darkness on already blackened handles at all? Or do you mostly only recommend it for preventing handle darkening?
  13. I still want to try that cornstarch trick for the handles...apparently if you put cornstarch on them, it draws out the oils...
  14. i use apple guard spray to help prevent dark handles and to make it waterproof. for simple conditioning, I use lubriderm body lotion.