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  1. So, some of you who read my posts know that I snuck into me DHs car and found my Framboise cles that was to be my Vday present.

    Well, this morning I awoke to find a little brown pkg. on the bed. I was excited to use my Framboise cles today! Well, when I opened the bag I was pleasantly surpised to find a mono Ipod Video cover. My DH told me that he exchanged the cles for the Ipod cover since I already had a pomme cles and the Ipod Video holder was on my Wish List.

    For me it was a really nice surprise.

    Anyone else had a nice LVOe surprise today? List them here....
  2. oh, that's so nice of ur DH paying close attention to what you wish for, too bad i don't have anything to share w/tPF :hysteric:
    OT: oh my, is is the MC Coeur ur baby is tasting?
  3. BF got me an Azur cles (along with other Non LV stuff too)
  4. I have to say how much I love my DH-he got me the Pomme & MC heart and the red pastilles keychain. (Even though we are going through a tough family situation) He said he knew how much I had been admiring them! :heart:
  5. Hee-hee I yelled really loud before it went into her mouth. I'll also let my DH know that he got some props on TPF.

    BTW, you got some cool things recently (Stephen) so you can still be happy!!!!
  6. DH got me a pomme lexington, groom cles, and damier cles. I was a really good girl!
  7. congrats! happy v-day!

    i got myself the Red Groom Keychain, Mini Lin Bucket, Pochette Tikal and Pochette Tulum
  8. Happy Valentines Day, pfers!!

    I got an Azur pochette for V-day from my dear old Dad :smile: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Awwwh that was so considerate of your DH :biggrin: I have to wait until March 14 for my happy suprises :biggrin:
  10. no lv gifts for me this v-day. dh got me a can of my favorite almond roca, though and a sweet card. yummy!
  11. Wow, can I be your Valentine? :yes:
  12. Hehe congrats everyone and happy Vday!

    I haven't gotten anything LV but I love what I've's hard to get guys to get anything at all so I'm happy lol :love:
  13. Ooh, what did you get? I thought you weren't expecting anything?!
  14. For valentine's my hubby got me the bh and the pomme d'amour cles. Love them both, but I'm afraid to use the cles. It's my first piece of vernis and I'm nervous about scratching it. It's so beautiful. Got other non lv stuff, too. I made out big time this year!!