Lip Plumpers!!!!

  1. Have you tried any? Did you find any that work for you? Which ones did you try that didn't work????

    I tried the ones from DuWop and Freeze 24/7 as well as few others at Sephora (don't remember the brands though). All of them gave me that horrible burning feeling, which left a circle around my lips, making me look like I have something wrong with my lips. Oh, and they didn't really do anything! I lost all hope...:sad:
  2. I've used Lip Venom and it actually works pretty well. Makes your lips look a little flushed and plumps them up a bit (but not so they look like you got punched in the mouth). It does sting a little though when you first put it on.
  3. I guess all of them sting, huh? I used to like that feeling but some plumpers are WAY too strong and they make my lips look BRIGHT red, which looks very stupid on me (I have very, very, VERY thin lips).

    Thank you for your reply! :P
  4. Lip Venom didn't do much for me, but I do love the way it tastes! Very cinnamon-y. For me it didn't sting at all, but I love spicy food, so perhaps that helps. I bought a tube of Lip Fusion, but have not tried it yet.....
  5. Please let me know how it is when you try it!!!!
  6. I have used Sovage Lip Plumper (should be in the dept. store with Idebenol and Stri-Vectin). It worked pretty well.
  7. OK, just for you I have taken the box off the dining room table, into the bathroom, opened it and smeared it on my lips..... It tastes like Orange Glo. It feels a little warm (that could be from the Sauvignon Blanc). My lips are blowing up like BALLOONS! No, no.... that's still the Sauvignon Blanc. Egads, it's hopeless! But at least my lips are shiny and taste like wood polish, and what more do you want from $36. :P
  8. i use Sally Hansen Lip Inflation and Maximum Plumping Lip Treatment. they have a peppermint bite to them, and i like it
  9. Too Faced Cosmetics has a good lip plumping line... "Lip Injection" The have this serum that you put on when you sleep for lasting effects and glosses to use with your regular lip stuff... i've seen some good results on my friends. One of their make-up artists told me you see and feel results with in 2-3 weeks and really see it after a month.
  10. You can get too faced at sephora and Nordies...
  11. Lip Fusion is a gloss that plumps and I love it-not a major "blow up" but just enough to be noticable, it has a grapefruit-y taste and the colors rock!
  12. i have lorac's super hot plumping lip gloss. basically plumps your lips with a cinnamon spiceyness. it comes in a milder formula if you're sensitive. its a clear gloss that brings out the natural pink/reds of your lips but the plumping doesnt last very long.

    i bought it just for the tingle sensation :P
  13. From Sephora's new catalog:

  14. I love Pout plump! It tastes great and feels good--no burning! I can't say that it makes my lips super huge, but it definitely adds some shine and the appearance of volume, and it's not too sticky either.
  15. Are these harmful to your lips? The buring sensation sounds a bit troubling.