Lip Lift in Korea?

alicia K

Dec 3, 2020
I had a consultation for a lip lift at Hyundai and the first thing I noticed was how they photoshopped the scar in all of their pictures. I asked the consultant and she admitted to them blurring out the scars. bullhorn lip lift scaring is inevitable, but I think it's important for patients to see what type of scar they could end up with. Bullhorn lip lifts aren't really famous here because most doctors don't like the scar it leaves on the face, so I think you should stick to US doctors because they're more experienced in that department.
Who did you end up going to ? I'm looking for a genioplasty a lip lift fat grafting and eye work ...

Sweet dreams

Jan 21, 2019
Could you pm me ? I'd love to hear more about your experience. Who was your doctor ?
Hi dr song is the only doctor in the clinic call goldenview , he mainly doing liplift (skin and muscle) overall experience is really good , after care is also excellent, he speaks decent English, there a translator in the clinic name Christina, she is a nice girl . U can look at the IG for more photos name goldenviewsong