Linea Pelle Lauren Conrad Bag

  1. I got the Linea Pelle Lauren Conrad bag in black in the mail today. I really like chains on bags, and was in need of a simple black shoulder bag so I decided to go for it after hearing good things about LP.

    Overall I like it a lot, the only thing I don't love are the leather shoulder pads at the top of the chain straps. They seem really flimsy. The leather on the bag is smooshy, but not so soft that it feels like it will scratch right away. The hardware is nice and sturdy.

    I don't love the little "L" on the zipper pull so I will probably carry that on the inside with the plain side of the bag out.

    Here are some quick pics I snapped. Sorry they are so big, not enough time to resize right now.

  2. I really like that bag. Those chains look great and the size is awesome. Is it particularly heavy?
  3. I really like this bag! The shape is awesome and I love the chain straps! Overall, is the bag very heavy?
  4. I can't believe I forgot to mention that. It's one of the best parts. It is totally light! Shockingly light even for having the chains.


  5. ahh hmmm :angel: good to know!!! Thanks for the excellent review. I love LP bags and I love this one a lot.....
  6. Get it:smile: There is a code right now too
  7. A code other than the 10%? I tried a few 20% but couldn't get them to work. You know....for research purposes....:angel:
  8. I used SAS15 for 15% off and free shipping.
  9. I think Style15 may also work.....15% off. I think the shipping is free if you register as a "VIP".
  10. I was wondering about this bag, thanks for the post! Any modeling pics??
  11. It's not as ugly as I expected it to be, ahhahaha.

    But still a little overpriced, IMO.
  12. Thanks for the review! The padding on the chain is the number one main reason I was deterrred in the first place! I guess it's not worth it for me in the end.
  13. Oh it is cute...I think you should put some modeling pics it as big as it looks?

    Good Find!
  14. I like it and I don't usually like celeb designed bags.
  15. Thanks for the pics! Mine shipped today and should be here Friday. I'm excited to get it.