Lindsay's H Bangles

  1. I've been wanting to get an H Bangle (not sure of actual name) for a while. We don't have a boutique where I live but I go to CA & Vegas often, so I always check them out. I will probably have to order from the website because they never seem to have a great selection in store. I think I finally decided on a wide pink one. I really prefer the look of the wide to the narrow. I don't like to wear a lot of bracelets at once. Anyway, I was inspired by Lindsay Lohan, who has at least 3 of these that I've seen. Here are some pix:
    HermesWideBraceletPink.jpg lohanH2.jpg lohanH3.jpg lohanH4.jpg lohanH5.jpg lohanHR.jpg
  2. dayam! she's like spilling out of her bathing suit tops!

    stephania: LOVE UR BRACELET CHOICE!!!! i recently bought the orange one but will eventually get the pink one like urs too.
  3. I just got the pink one :smile:
    But its the thinner version bcs my wrist was too small to wear the other ones
  4. It's sometimes called the Clic-Clac, where as Lindsay's blue top is called the "fall-out." :smile:
  5. I want one in red or orange. :yes:
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. LOL it seemed like the only pix I could find were of her in bikinis! Plus I never understand people who wear jewelry to the beach.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. :lol: :roflmfao:

    Good Lord, isn't she horrible.......
  10. ohhh :smile: another Hermes lover in Scottsdale :smile:
  11. stefania - you can get the H clic-clac in all sorts of colours, wide or narrow, GM or PM size (PM for little wrists, GM for PM's measure around 2.5" across...) they also come in gold or palladium.

    She appeard to be wearing a narrow palladuim Africa? clic-clac in pale pink in one of the pics as well as the H clic-clac.....

    They're just gorgeous, and one of my fave things to collect - good luck with yours! Pop onto and check come out...I just ordered a wide pink "alphabet" from the website.
  12. Hehe! I don't have much Hermes, just a few scarves, I'm a bigger LV collector, and we do have an LV boutique here!

    I've seen the different colors in the store and tried them on, but I've never seen the palladium wide in pink in real life, just in pix. I saw it with the gold in vegas last time, and I'd prefer the silver color.

    So do the clic clacs come in different diameters? (I assume that's the PM & GM) on the website it says the bracelets are 2.5" diameter. My wrist is on the smaller side, but I dont want it to be too tight. I just measured my wrist is 2" across (I don't have a tape measure handy)
  13. My wrist is 1.75 cm across so I wear the small one...(sorry I don't know the size) and its a little loose still..

    GT: Do you know if the thick one comes with the small sizes too?
  14. You are a comedian too? Not bad!!!
  15. hi yorelica!

    the narrow and wide bands both come in the PM and GM sizes. i tried the PM in both widths when i was in montreal 2 weekends ago.