Limited Edition Alma BB releasing on May 7

Should I buy this limited edition $4000 Alma or not?

  • yes it's beautiful

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  • no it's too expensive

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Sep 3, 2013
I've loved the metal monogram since I saw it on the Spring Summer 2021 runway show. The Alma epitomizes LV, so the style takes it to another level for me. Plus if it is VVN, I can only imagine how lovely the contrast with a honey patina will look.

That said, it really depends on how you feel about it in person. Every runway piece I have are permanent pieces in my collection, but each one I buy, I'm head over heels in love with.


Aug 16, 2014
let me help.
- Calfskin is a generic term, it means nothing. Almost all Vuitton leathers for the non-exotic bags are calf. Épi, Empreinte, Vernis... everything is made from calf leather.
- the Capucines is one of their most 'diverse' bag leather-wise, there is no 'Capucines leather', but yes, most of them are made from cowhide, and some of them are Taurillon.
- Taurillon is the leather with the full-grain. It has very visible leather grain, while VVN is smooth. This bag is smooth. Very. It is not Taurillon, never was.
If you wouldn't buy a bag made from VVN, I'd stay away from this, because you'll be surprised.
Wow! Learning a lot…
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Aug 16, 2014
Vache Vegetal Naturel.
It is a completely untreated leather or lightly tanned with vegetable oils. If they treat it with more oils, it gets darker and they call it Nomade leather (Barenia at Hermès).
Then they let it dry out to be smooth, unlike the grained leathers like Taurillon, that are drummed thoroughly to have a deep leather grain.
All the leathers mentioned in the thread are calfskin.
Thank you for the explanation, learning so much…
May 16, 2020
No if it's really vvn i wouldn't buy it because i don't think it will look good w the patina. The patina will not be even with all the metallic lv symbols in the way
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Dec 17, 2010
The bag is beautiful! The interior is stunning. I definitely think you should buy it if you love it.

I have bought and sold alot of LV over the past 10+ years and regarding resale, the leather bags don't hold their value as well. And it's a bb, so that's a particular audience that wants a small bag. Many people say around the 4k mark is where they rather spend more and get Chanel.

I think the average buyer would just get a canvas bb new rather than buy a pre-owned leather bag (they could get two for the price of that one bag). But I'm sure the consignment stores would buy it. But it seems unlikely you'll make a profit or break even in the future because it's already so expensive and the bag can patina and show wear. HTH.
May 5, 2021
I personally think it is a beautiful bag. Too bad the delicate nature of the leather is a deal breaker for you. I would still reserve judgment until you pick it up in person to feel it in your hands. You never know what will make your heart sing!