Lil Kim........

  1. The Lady Rapper left prison on Monday in style. Wearing a low-cut white top and flashy sunglasses, the diminutive star clutched a bouquet of flowers as she greeted fans before stepping into a shiny Rolls Royce. 'Today is a joyous day for me and my family. I am extremely grateful and happy to be home', she said in a statement.

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  2. The pics above left me speechless.:blink:
  3. haha! in that second pic, look at that massive zit in between her eyebrows. lol. hey she did the crime and did the time. thats nice that shes home again.
  4. She looked like a jailbird debutante when she was released....ahhhh, would make any parent proud!!
  5. i LOVE lil kim :love:
  6. 001.jpg

  7. I like lots of her music, but with her money, is it really so hard to hire a stylist?
  8. i do find her entertaining and amusing
  9. Love Ha!!
  10. I am so glad that she is out...I do hope that this was a learning experience for her.
  11. Im happy she is out. She is a bit out there for me,but I think she is a great artist,and person. Welcome back Queen Bee!!!!!:drinkup::party:

  12. well she was in prison..what do you expect? :huh:
  13. She looked really, really good when she was in court. I remember this one outfit she had, blue, it was Marc Jacobs and she was carrying a Louis Vuitton le fab in blue as well. But that's about the nicest thing I've seen on her, girl needs to work on that whole less is more thing ! :yes:
  14. What was her excuse before prison then?! She's a hot mess.
  15. absolutely!