Let's see all those "new" November goodies!!

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  1. Shoes for £100 from eBay from a seller in France :smile: I really love them! Has anyone seen these canvas shoes before?

  2. My Balenciaga recent purchase and now Im officially broke :sad:


    Part Time Ultra Violet mggh :heart:


    Papier clutch :heart:
  3. Hi Hon,

    It is a RH Rose Gruyere clutch... ;)
  4. What a lovely colour!! Love it :loveeyes::loveeyes::nuts::nuts:

  5. Sooo gorg!
  6. The bag I carried last Saturday.

    Thanks to those people who told me to keep this bag in this thread. :smile:

    Attached Files:

  7. Looks so cute with your sneakers!
  8. This is lovely!
  9. omg I love the Ultra Violet!!! Great choices :biggrin: