Let's see all those "new" November goodies!!

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  1. #76 Nov 28, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 28, 2013


    I got mine a week ago from Canada, and posted the seller's photo (who took whose photo???) just did not have the time to make my own photo yet - I did not receive tangerine from Ann's fabulous finds yet, but I expect it is going to be gorgeous

    why would I pretend ??? which one is on ebay ?
  2. It is for sale on eBay right now...


    You should check to make sure you got the clutch in the picture.
  3. #78 Nov 28, 2013
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    aaawww , don't have to ruin my joy for me :crybaby:

    I see that the photo is just cropped photo of the one form ebay, aaah well

    here are my clutches all together :drinkup: what is best, you made me make a photo of my beauties at last, tangerine will come soon I hope

    these are all bought in october and November but came to me in November, so they all belong to this thread :peace:

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  4. Hi - I'm not too sure what the other tpf'er is trying to say....but I just wanted to CONGRATULATE you on your lovely clutches - they are beautiful!
  5. Black leather with G12 gold hw is beautiful, really black! here's my city:smile:

  6. Congrats on all your colourful goodies!!

  7. Congratulations! Their so cute, the colors are so yummy looking haha! :smile:
  8. gorgeous~~ 2013 bal leather is my fav for now compared to my other bal bags from 2008-2012.
  9. So I was really lucky for having my first bal bag right now:smile:
    But I just passed two hours in hell because me and another TPFer noted that tags of our new bags are different from before..I was afraid the bag could be difective or fake!!but I called the boutique and they told me it's a design innovation from 2014
  10. These are beautiful!
  11. I already posted in your thread but congrats again. So pretty!

    What a gorgeous black City!
    Many congrats and enjoy using it :smile:
  12. Thank you so much..it's my first bbag and I was really lucky with this leather..I adore it!
  13. Here are my major gals this Nov :smile:) Loveee

  14. Just arrived this morning :yahoo: Work mGGH in Rouge Cardinal
    Am a red Bal fan :loveeyes:

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