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  1. As a way to keep the lines of communication open between the members and the mods, please use this thread to ask questions, make suggestions or comments. We want this to be an enjoyable, resourceful subforum for you, and if there is something you would like to see added/changed/deleted, please let us know!

    Thank you!
  2. hi!
    just wondering since i'm a newbie with Bbags....
    how much does GH city go for?
    the does colors make a difference in pricing?
    what about the tdf (at least for me), aquamarine/cobalt GH city?! how much????
    any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!
  3. hey jag, i post a lot on the authenticate this thread and now that it's up top, how do i go to the last page? before you just clicked on "last page" but now that is gone. do i just click on the link on the right? thanks :yes:
  4. JAG YOU ROCK!!!!

    This place looks like a million bucks :rochard:
  5. hi mods! Good job with the reference and shopping subforums!
    I think the thread "bal sighting yesterday" could also be stickied or put in a "balenciaga fun" place. Thanks!
  6. Hi Jag,

    I really love how you, Megs and Vlad have decided to reorganize this thread!!:heart: The style and reference library is the perfect place to :love::drool::nuts: and everything else seems a lot better organized now! Thanks so much for that!:yes:
  7. The last page feature should still be there. Let me know if this does not go away!
  8. Not sure we are going to do a "balenciaga fun" subforum BUT, I can sticky that so that it is easier to get to in the general subforum. Let me know how you like that once it is done:nuts:
  9. Thanks ladies for the support! Please let me know if you have any suggestions as we are going to have a very busy weekend around here!!!!
  10. Which thread should we post the GH Bags? Should they go under Non-Moto bags or under City, Work, Day, etc. along with the moto bags? Thanks!
  11. I would post them along with the moto bags!
  12. Hi jag - I just wanted to send some love your way with the amazing job you've done restructuring this place. Thanks for stepping up for what must not have been the most pleasant task. Three cheers for our mods! :woohoo:
  13. ^^^ Thank you!!!
  14. Sorry, I don't know the price of the gold hardware- although I don't think it is dependent upon color. Maybe another member could answer this:nuts:
  15. Jag thank you very much for taking the time and energy to help clean up this forum and make it easier to navigate and a more fun board. Looking good already!!! :tup: