Legacy Wristlet is available now!

  1. The legacy wristlet in whiskey that wasn't supposed to be available until Jan. 21 is now available online! So I ordered it... and the black Hamptons wallet I've been wanting.
    I'm going to the outlet tomorrow, too. I should have waited but I was worried the Legacy would be unavailable again for awhile so I jumped on it.

    Now I can't wait for them to get here!

    I know a few others were waiting for the wristlet to come out, so I hope they can get it now!
  2. i may just have to...i have a whiskey shoulder bag on the way. :graucho:
  3. ^^Kallison... :graucho: Since I'm proud of you that you're selling alot of things, i'm going to pretend I didn't see that.
  4. i can't help it...
  5. Thanks so much bethy !!

    i just ordered it ! your the best !!! yippy !!!!!

    your fan,
    cha cha
  6. Yay! I'm SO excited. Kallison, I think you need one.
  7. it's not letting me order...? it keeps saying an error when i try to get the whiskey- but i can order the other colors just fine.
  8. they might of removed it,THAT HAPPEN TO A FRIEND OF MINE TOO. i would call customer service !

    please let us know what happens.

    CHA cHA
  9. That's so weird. It let me add it to my shopping bag without a problem. It's still on the site.

    I really want it in pond, too. I'm trying to stay away. Do you think they'll still have it available in May/June? Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday.
  10. I just added it to my basket, I need some whiskey too!

    Anyone know if these are available in store yet? I have some credit I'd like to use towards it.
  11. i just ordered the whiskey wristlet can't wait.
  12. kallison,don't you have a large store credit from all of your returns? can we use that on-line? i also have a store credit so i am curious also can it be used at the outlets?
  13. if you have your merch credit on a card, you can use it online. (i think they used to be on receipts? those can't be used online)...and not sure about the outlets, i haven't called and checked yet.
  14. such a gorgeous wristlet!!! :smile: