Legacy striped lining. What do you think of it?

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  1. Is it hard to clean and easy to rip? I am nervous about it...
  2. I lust over it, but don't own anything with it... so I'm no help! I'm sorry! The only thing I ever bought that had it, I returned promptly. It did seem reasonably sturdy, however.
  3. Have it, love it, easy to clean so far. The one thing I hate, I have to picky about the wallet and accessories....easy to clash with it
  4. I have it in my white ali and I love it.. I have not had to clean it yet though, I am not overly cautious but I treat my things well.. obviously it will snag and stain easier than most linings, but I think if you are careful and treat it well and get the stains out it will be good.. it's gorgeous to look at and atleast it's just on the inside! :P
  5. My guilty pleasure - I LOVE it.

    I only have a skinny in Legacy lining but my Sig Stripe tote's lining has the same material. So far, no problems at all - I'm very pleased with it!
  6. I have it now but haven't got a chance to put it to use. I think it feels real silky and I wish it was tougher but on the other hand I like the luxurious silky feeling. I'm not much help. All I know is I'm going to take good care of it.
  7. I looove the legacy lining! It's so pretty. I don't think it tears or gets dirty easy if you're just careful. :smile:
  8. totally LOVE IT!
    I have a legacy wristlet that I have been carrying for days as a wallet.. I cant wait for a handbag with the lining.
  9. I LOVE the color. It's so bright and pretty. It provides the perfect pop against the black leather outside. I've used my legacy bag now for about four days, and so far, it's holding up just fine. Then again, I also haven't put anything sharp into my bag yet, so I don't know about it snagging.
  10. I love it! I have a clay Gigi with the legacy lining and it's such a great contrast.
  11. I love the lining. However, it is silk. They sewed the inside zipper (compartment) directly onto the silk lining instead of reinforcing it with leather. So, I never use my zipper compartment because I'm concerned it will eventually loose it's shape and/or tear, or stitching come out of the silk.
  12. I LOVE it! I have it in my Legacy bags and I haven't had any problems, it hasn't gotten dirty and hasn't ripped, etc. I think it holds up pretty well.
  13. I love it!!! I sold my black Bleeker siggy capacity wristlet because I found that I was not drawn to the Tattersall like I am the legacy. Plus it was for my Ali and the tattersall legacy combo really drove me up the nut tree. The legacy rocks because for us stain freaks, it does a great job of hiding stains. All of those colors play with your optics and make the stains not stand out so much.
  14. I've never thought of it as delicate and treat my legacy bags just as I would my other bags and have never had a problem with a rip or a stain.
  15. I'm worried about this too. I plan on buying the Legacy Stripe Tote as a summer bag. I also have the ponytail scarf too and so far, it seems to be in good shape (I have it tied as a bow on my Brown/Sig Maddie).

    I'm in love with Legacy as well, it's simply gorgeous. Does anyone know a good Coach cleaning product that will go well with silk? I finally decide to buy one soon. Just in case.