Legacy Shoulder bag vs. Legacy Leather Satchel

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm new on this forum here. I just wanted to take a little poll. I just bought the Legacy Leather Satchel in black, but I am now reconsidering and thinking about the Legacy shoulder bag in Black. Which one do you like better?? I also just got the Legacy Leigh in Whiskey. I also got that card for 25% off, and the sales people gave me the coupon back and told me to reuse it again and again until Sunday!
  2. I love the Legacy line too! I have a chocolate signature Leigh and am getting the juniper leather shoulder for Christmas. My choice was the shoulder bag, only 'cause I'm a mom and I have to have my hands free to hold my little boy's hand when we're out. That satchel is really beautiful, and would be fine if you dont need a shoulder bag. It looks kinda heavy, but I've never even seen it in person, so I cant compare that w/the shoulder. Either way you cant go wrong - they are all lovely bags.
  3. For me, definitely the shoulder bag because of weight. The satchels are just WAY too heavy for me, and I don't like that the straps aren't long enough to hang comfortably under my arm.
  4. I also came upon this dilemma not too long ago and ended up opting for the Legacy Shoulder Bag instead of the Satchel because I like my hands free as well. Now, I have four of those Legacy Shoulder Bags in different colors! :smile:
  5. I have the '06 Legacy leather satchel in black and I love it. I needed something bigger than the shoulder bag. I am always carrying my bags different ways: on the arm, shoulder, by hand.. Bags on the shoulder give me neck problems so I try to alternate. I can fit the satchel over my shoulder if I need to, although it's not the best way to carry that bag.
  6. Wow! 4 Shoulder bags?? What colors do you have? I do love the satchel, but I even find the Leigh heavy at times! I don't really carry that much stuff in my purses so its mostly the weight of the purse. Thanks for all of your input guys! I think I'm gonna go back to the Coach store and see which one I really would prefer to wear. The satchel fits perfectly under my arm, but that's if I'm not wearing bulky clothes...
  7. I have this exact bag as well and I can't recommend it enough! THe shoulder bag wasn't big enough for me either. This bag is gorgeous and really roomy! Also this version is so much better than the '07 piece!
  8. I ended up getting...the shoulder bag! :drool:
  9. Good choice! I like the shoulder bag best too!
  10. I think it boils down to how much you carry. I love the look of the shoulder bag but I rarely see anyone carrying it that doesn't have it spilling over with stuff. For some reason, it just doesn't carry a lot. I'm trying to reduce how much I carry and I might be able to squeeze into the shoulder bag but I would really fit into the satchel better.
  11. I have one in Whiskey (all leather), one in Pond (pretty blue all leather), one in Black (all leather), and one in royal blue fabric exterior w/ light blue leather trim. I really like their size and weight on my shoulder.

    Congrats on your new purchase! How do you like it?
  12. I dont have it yet, its being shipped to me. Hopefully I'll get it sometime next week! :wlae:
  13. I LOVE LOVE the look of the satchel way better, but if it is in fact much heavier I would go with the Shoulder bag as it is a pretty bag also and probably more practical ... then again ... Hmmmm, I see your problem! LOL
  14. Yeah, it is definitely beautiful. But I knew it wasn't for me when it was just sitting in the shopping bag for over a week. It is way heavy and I'm kinda a petite girl, so it looked pretty large on me.